Fantastic Voyage

I haven’t posted for a while and it has been a “dry” writing season since January.  On our journey there are times when we share and times when we inquire within.  This has been an inquiry season and it has been wonderful.  Now I think I’m ready to share and I feel I must.  I hope you enjoy the journey and find the pointers to truth you’ve been seeking.  As an update, check out the revised home page.

This life really is a fantastic voyage.

Divine consciousness, which is the essence of all things, emerges as form from formlessness to become all that there is and we experience form as this divine consciousness in the objective world.  Too deep?  OK, how about God is having a dream and we are the characters in this dream?  Still too far out for your brain?  Well, it should be.  Ultimate reality is “too far out” for our brains.  Our logical, conditioned and limited minds can’t comprehend the formless.  But our true nature as awareness itself can not only perceive itself but know that it is the knowing that precedes the thoughts of knowing.  Still too much?  OK,  how about a fun pointer to what you already “know” to be true?

Have you ever seen the movie “Fantastic Voyage”?  Here is the trailer from 1966.  I didn’t see it when it first hit the movies, but I did see it in a drive-in a few years later and it really left an impression.  OK, you can try to guess my age now.  Post your guesses in the comments if you like.

What I like about this movie is how the characters’ perspectives change.  Imagine  you are these characters.  One moment you are normal size dealing with normal sized things.  In the next moment you are microscopic having to deal with a whole new universe of challenges.  Some unobserved thing you wouldn’t have even thought about before is potentially life threatening as this tiny “human.”

Now imagine you zoom out from planet Earth.  You go way way out there and look back.  you go so far that all of the universe is before your eyes.  You keep going back until all the universe is just a dot in front of you.  Now you zoom back in to planet Earth.  Can you see how small you are compared to the universe?  But still you could zoom out and see the universe.  This is the awareness you are.  It can zoom way out and be shrunk down to human size.  It can be human size and be shrunk down to enter the bloodstream of a human sized creature.

Have I lost you yet?  Here is another pointer.

Imagine you are sitting in a room on a chair.  Now imagine I take away the chair but you can float above the ground.  Are you any less you without the chair?  OK, now I take away everything else in the room.  Are you any less you without all the stuff in the room?  Now I take away the room.  What’s left?  The space that was the room is still there and you are still there in that space.  Are you still you?

Now let’s go bigger.  I take away the Earth.  Are you less you as you float in exactly the same spot you were sitting in the room?  There you are orbiting the Sun in the place where the Earth used to be.  You look toward the Sun and out past the edge of the solar system.  Now I take that away too.  There you are exactly in the place where the Earth used to be in our solar system where it used to be in the Milky Way.  Are you any less you?

I can go on and on but let’s jump to the end.  I take away all the stuff of the universe.  Are you any less you?  Look intently.  Are you any less you?  And now I take away your body.  Are you still there?  The awareness that is you is the awareness that is now aware of your body and is still aware when your body is gone.

Look around.  Is there any place you are not?  Can you “zoom” to the edge of what used to be galaxies?  Really, without the “stuff” of the universe, is there any distance?  Does space have any boundaries?  Is there any boundary to you?

Now I bring it back a bit at a time.  I add a galaxy and space appears again.  I add the solar system and the Earth and the room and all the stuff in the room and there you are sitting in the chair.  Have you changed?  In what did all the stuff appear?  If there were no edges to you before I added the objects, in what did they appear?

These are a few pointers to truth.  In “God” are all things and all things appear in that consciousness that is limitless and without boundaries.  That consciousness has no dimensions because without the objects there is no space (which is something that we use to describe the “stuff” between objects).  The consciousness we are, here on this planet, is the shrunk-down-to-a-point-we-call-this-body/mind-unit consciousness.  Really the body/mind unit arises in the consciousness that we already are to be a tool or interface with the rest of the stuff that appeared in the same consciousness.  Some would say that this machine we call a body is the manifest of the unmanifest.  It’s more than a container. It’s not what we are but exactly what we manifest.

I told you this was a fantastic voyage.  This life we are living is an incredible opportunity to become aware of the awareness we already are.  We become conscious of the awakeness that we already are.  We become enlightened to see the light that we already are.  We are both tiny enough to enter a strange world and think we are a product of the world and infinite enough to see that the world arises within us.

Do you feel like you just got miniaturized to enter the strange world of the body of Joe?  You look around and see a blood cell and say, “look there is a blood cell” and your enlightened friend says, “that isn’t a blood cell it is Joe.”  Maybe an argument ensues and there are deep theology discussions.  Maybe you call your friend a heretic or blasphemer to make your point.  Regardless, your friend was right.  That blood cell isn’t all of Joe but it is definitely a form of Joe.  You just that you forgot after you got miniaturized.  You might not know this but getting shrunk to a microscopic size can be a very traumatizing event and likely forgetting the trauma and the memory of where you came from is the best for your body/mind sanity.

Enjoy the fantastic voyage.  Look around and in wonder and ponder what it is you see.  Is that you or something else?  Did the shrinking erase your memory and you are remembering?  Did the miniaturization put you an a dreamlike state and you are waking up?  If you think about it, this fantastic voyage is pretty amazing.

Yay God



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