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Experiencing the Kingdom

In my last post I presented a “Flip Side” perspective of the Kingdom of Heaven.  In this post I would like to continue with another installment of “The Flip Side.” For most of my life I was an overachiever.  Can … Continue reading

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Realizing Pure Consciousness…

Do you remember the chemistry experiment about forming precipitates?  In this experiment, when two colorless liquids were mixed together a precipitate was formed.  That is a technical description.  What I remember is how cool it was to see the sudden appearance of … Continue reading

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Fantastic Voyage

I haven’t posted for a while and it has been a “dry” writing season since January.  On our journey there are times when we share and times when we inquire within.  This has been an inquiry season and it has … Continue reading

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The One

As a physical “me” lost in an identity of mind and body, the awareness that I truly am has attached itself to the illusion of a separate-self. The expression of love makes the separate-self illusion possible and necessary. “The one” as … Continue reading

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Disolving resistance

The ego is our resistance to reality. In the subject-object oriented mind, there is a natural conflict when we perceive ourselves as separate or the subject that is sensing, perceiving and thinking in terms of objects. We believe our thoughts … Continue reading

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All we need is a little stretching

Let me begin with another excerpt from “The Gospel According to Jesus” by Paul Ferrini.  I love his stuff.  The book is written as if Jesus is speaking.  Some might call it a “channeled work.”  Channeled or not, it is … Continue reading

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Growing Up

Remember when you mom or dad said “you just need to grow up?” Did you know that growing up in Christ is not the same as growing up in Adam?  Religion tells us wrongly that we need to grow up … Continue reading

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