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Letting go of the baggage

What we call the soul is the metaphysical psychology center, the metaphysical mind and emotion confluence, the karmatic focal point of the personality current of the infinite consciousness river in the temporal form of existence.  The soul is what a unique version of God manifests as,  apart from its non-dual essence.  The soul is a color of the white light that is free of the physical form and the extremely limited body/mind expression. It is the “I” in the “I am.” It is what gives us the sense of “I” as we observe as the observer. Continue reading

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Experiencing the Kingdom

In my last post I presented a “Flip Side” perspective of the Kingdom of Heaven.  In this post I would like to continue with another installment of “The Flip Side.” For most of my life I was an overachiever.  Can … Continue reading

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The Kingdom of Heaven

The following is taken from “The Flip Side”, a book I’m writing about seeing the words of Jesus from a different perspective: Every good pilot knows that a proper perspective is important.  Sometimes you have to fly in bad weather.  … Continue reading

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Fantastic Voyage

I haven’t posted for a while and it has been a “dry” writing season since January.  On our journey there are times when we share and times when we inquire within.  This has been an inquiry season and it has … Continue reading

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Disolving resistance

The ego is our resistance to reality. In the subject-object oriented mind, there is a natural conflict when we perceive ourselves as separate or the subject that is sensing, perceiving and thinking in terms of objects. We believe our thoughts … Continue reading

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Judge not lest you be judged

The door to the infinite is infinitely small. The door to higher consciousness is where thinking stops. The pathway to wisdom is before a thought is born. The escape from the dream is found in embracing the dream. All that … Continue reading

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The Christ Spirit

We all have the “Spirit of Christ” and can wake up to that reality. The Christ is in us and it is our certain expectation of magnificence and great beauty. The Christ is all in all. Did you know all … Continue reading

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All we need is a little stretching

Let me begin with another excerpt from “The Gospel According to Jesus” by Paul Ferrini.  I love his stuff.  The book is written as if Jesus is speaking.  Some might call it a “channeled work.”  Channeled or not, it is … Continue reading

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Stuck in the mud?

Have you ever had a dream in which you needed to run from some or run to something and it was like you were in slow motion?  No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t move fast.  Actually the harder … Continue reading

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Staying Connected to Love…

In the last few posts (and many more) I’ve talked about “experiencing” what we know conceptually.  In our innermost being, our true self, we are the divine and have the wisdom of the divine.  This wisdom or divine knowing, bubbles … Continue reading

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