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Fantastic Voyage

Divine consciousness, which is the essence of all things, emerges as form from formlessness to become all that there is and we experience form as this divine consciousness in the objective world.  Too deep?  OK, how about God is having a dream and we are the characters in this dream?  Still too far out for your brain?  Well, it should be.  Ultimate reality is "too far out" for our brains.  Our logical, conditioned and limited minds can't comprehend the formless.  But our true nature as awareness itself can not only perceive itself but know that it is the knowing that precedes the thoughts of knowing.  Still too much?  OK,  how about a fun pointer to what you already "know" to be true?

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At the speed of light!

We have been on this short journey of the “I am” statements that Jesus made.  We talked about “I am the bread” in “The Great I Am” and we talked about “I am the door” in “Mystic Portal.”  How about we take a look at “I am the light?” First let me say that this…

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