Books and teachers

These are some books I’ve read (under construction)


Here are some teachers I really like (under construction)

Brad Jersak: Brad is most known for his teaching about listening prayer.  He is also quite the scholar and author.  He has published a number of books.  His thoughts on atonement are quite profound.  Check out his book on that subject called “Stricken by God?”  He also has a very popular book called “A More Christlike God.”  You can find some of his lectures and seminars online.  Brad is nothing but kind and gentle and loving.  He will pull on your heart with his testimonies.

Baxter Kruger:  It is so hard to keep emotion out of my comments so I wont.  I love Baxter Kruger.  He is a master Theologian.  He has a PhD from Kings College, University of Aberdeen Scotland.  If you want to understand the Trinity and our adoption, check out his books.  He also has a bunch of videos of his teaching you can find online.  Baxter’s teaching is a cornerstone of my theology.  If you have read the book “The Shack” then you are already familiar with Baxter’s work.  Here is the astonishing truth…Paul Young (the author of “The Shack”) and Baxter knew nothing of each other until after the book was written.  Oh yeah, that will turn your head.

Peter Enns:  Peter is new to me but wow is he a mind stretcher.  He is a Bible scholar.  I don’t mean the kind that pokes around on the internet and reads a few books like me.  No, this guy is brilliant.  His understanding of Biblical history is astonishing.  I would recommend his latest book called “The Bible Tells Me So.”  You will need to have an open mind to maybe reassessing your definition of Inerrant or Inspired, to name a few concepts he addresses.

Bruce Wauchope:  Bruce and Baxter are running mates across the pond.  Bruce is from Australia and is one of the founding members of Perichoresis in Australia.  Don’t know what Perichoresis is?  You should.  Bruce will take your hand and show you the way and you will love the journey.  Bruce is a master of the history behind some of our current missteps in theology, doctrines and the like.  He is a medical doctor and also understands the physiology behind some of our dysfunction.  Check him out but bring your notepad.  He has a number of lectures on their site.

N.T. Wright:  Doctor Wright is quite famous on his own so He doesn’t need my endorsement.  I can say that he has a way of tying together Biblical contextual concepts better than any I have listened to or read.  He really does understand Paul in a way that we all need to grasp.  He is also a wonderful speaker.  You can tell this guy really loves Jesus and people.

Frank Schaeffer: Frank is the wine skin stretcher on my list.  He came from a very conservative evangelical upbringing and started questioning that kind of teaching in his twenties.  It didn’t take long before he “broke out” of that paradigm and is now very outspoken about the pitfalls of fundamentalist evangelical teaching and organizations.  Don’t be afraid however.  Frank loves people.  He really does.  He is an artist and loves beauty so his delivery is full of metaphor, stories and pictures.  You will fall in love with his stories, promise.

Paul Ellis:  Paul Ellis revealed to me the truth of Grace.  Paul is a master of contrasting Law and Grace.  Today I might disagree with Paul on a few areas namely the atonement but this guy will set you free from any bondage to the Law.  His web site is unequaled when it comes to in-depth teaching.  He is very interactive with his audience and has responded to every question you can imagine when it comes to Grace.  Every have a question about Grace and add a big fat “but what about???” at the end? Paul is the best at getting rid of the but(s).

Derek Flood:  Want to have some fun thinking deep and leaning forward when it comes to your Bible?  This is the right place to hang your hat.  Derek is a progressive leaning thinker that has really put in the time to reconcile the apparent inconsistencies in Scripture…namely the contrast of Jesus with the image of God in the Old Testament.  He has also written a fantastic book on Christus Victor and the errant teaching about Penal Substitution.  Derek is edgy so don’t worry about falling asleep reading his stuff.

D.R.Silva:  Speaking of edgy…whew.  Silva is amazing.  His teaching is amazing.  His story is amazing.  When you read his stuff, you will feel amazing.  He has a great book called “Hyper-Grace, the dangerous doctrine of a happy God.”  This was written in response to another book of a similar title but a much different message.  Silva knows Grace.  He also wrote a book called “It’s all about Jesus.”  He wasn’t kidding in that title.  Want to be free of the law, completely free of guilt and shame and bondage and all that…well….Jesus (and Silva).

Kris Vallotton:  Kris comes out of the Bethel crowd in Redding CA.  If you don’t know Bethel you need to.  They have created such an amazing Kingdom culture and it has influence in pretty much every corner of the Earth.  Kris is one of the original leaders with Bill Johnson.  Kris runs the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (where my daughter attends) and it is a wonderful place.  They are not holding back.  Faith means risk is one of their mottos.  Kris is the embodiment of that motto.  This guy is the first to tell you he never thought of writing a book and didn’t have the education (he thought) to write a book.  He has written many all of which you will enjoy.  “Sprit Wars” was my introduction to Bethel and the supernatural world in general.  He also speaks a lot all over the planet and one search on the internet will flood your engine with message after message.

Bill Johnson

Dan Mohler

Todd White

Bob Hazlett

Gregory Boyd

David Hogan

Joseph Prince



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