The Great Illusion

If we will look, we will see.  If we listen, we will hear…

Deep within us all is the truth of what and who we are.  We are the divine extension into this perceived reality to experience the illusion of separation so we might know our oneness.  We created this illusion so we might discover ourselves.  We “live” within this physical reality so we might remember our divine nature as the creator of this “reality.”  We are actors in a great play waking up to our true self as the actor and not the character we think we are playing.

Check out this short clip:

We are really energy.  Actually all we see is just energy manifesting as something physical. Even science has proven this.  At the subatomic level, we have divided “matter” into smaller and smaller pieces to discover the smallest is energy itself.

In my last post I talked about quantum theory (in a very simplistic way) to show that we are living the quantum experience.  We “appear” as a collection of matter, skin, bones, cells, etc. but in reality we are energy.

Rob Bell in his book “What We Talk About When We Talk About God” tells a story about a man who inherited his father’s boat.  It was an old boat and was no longer seaworthy.  The son replaces the hull of the boat so he can go sailing again.  He sees that the deck and much of the structure is also old and rotting, so he replaces all the old boards with new ones.  He continues this process until the entire boat is actually new material.  None of the original “material” remains.  The boat is entirely new, but it is still his dad’s old boat.

Our bodies are the same.  I don’t know all the statistics but our body’s cells die off and are replaced by new ones.  The urban legend says our bodies are completely new after seven years.  That is a bit of a myth because the cycle is continuous but the concept is sound.  Like the father’s boat, we are new material but still what we think is “us.”  Have you ever thought why we still have scars when our skin is dying off and being replaced by new skin?

I believe we know the answer.  It’s because we created this illusion we call a biological being to experience our divine nature as a physical being.  Our biological “life” is part of the illusion.  Our true self, our eternal self, our divine self is what is sustaining the illusion of this physical “reality.”  We are the energy and consciousness that maintains the appearance of this physical form.  We are creating ourselves new in every moment.  We are re-creating ourselves within this illusion so we might experience creating.  We have scars because we created the illusion of scars.

I like this clip from the movie “The Last Mimzy.”  I think it is very telling.  We are the energy and consciousness that powers the illusion.  If we pay attention we will see the clues.  If we listen to our innermost voice, we will hear the clues.

There have been many that have been “masters” showing us the ultimate reality.  Jesus called it the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus even proved that the illusion was just an illusion by resurrecting his physical form.  He often talked about life and how life is not what we think it is.  He talked about death as an illusion.  He demonstrated that he wasn’t a spirit inhabiting a body but a spirit that “gives life” to a body.  He showed us that we are the energy and consciousness that maintains this illusion.

He also showed us we are one.  In his vernacular, he said he was one with the father and we are one with him and we are one with the father.  The father is the collective consciousness of all of us.  The “father” is all that there is, the great “I AM.”  We are all of the same “stuff” individuated as our individual consciousness but still just an extension of the divine consciousness.  We are here in this physical reality to experience a concept of separation that isn’t real so that we can experience the ultimate reality of oneness.

When we see this truth, everything changes.  Jesus said he was the way and the truth and the life.  In this context, doesn’t that statement mean so much more than what illusory mythologies might suggest?  When we see this truth, know the eternal life (what is sustaining this illusion) and see the way it all works, we are empowered to create or re-create ourselves in every moment.  Can you see it?  This illusory life is re-creation or RECREATION.  Wow!

If you have followed these posts for a while, you are seeing a shift.  Call it an awakening or a remembering.  When I started these posts over three years ago I was “stuck” in a religious framework that I knew deep down wasn’t the answer.  I KNEW that I KNEW the concept of an angry sky-god was not the answer.  I knew that love is what holds it all together and now I am beginning to see more clearly what that really means.  Love is the energy that holds it all together.  Love is the divine essence that is “US” creating this illusion so that we might experience ourselves as divine love.

The illusion is powerful.  It includes what we perceive as opposites.  We have cold and hot, “good and bad”, high and low, happy and sad, big and small, hard and soft….  All of it is the illusion that provides the relativity to experience who we really are.  God wanted to experience him/herself as all of this, as all of us, in an illusion of contrast so that we might see the eternal truth of who we are.  Our divine consciousness speaks through our innermost voice so that we might hear the truth of our divine nature.

Maybe this is a stretch for many, but it is time to wake up.  It is time to remember.  If we look, we will see.  If we listen, we will hear.  The “transition” for me has been exciting, stimulating and frustrating at times.  In future posts, I want to share part of that journey.  I’d like to begin a dialogue of seeing the “flip side.”  I’d like to unpack much of what Jesus said and show the flip side.  He knew the illusion for what it is.  He knew the eternal reality “the kingdom of heaven” for what it is.  I believe he was trying to show us these truths.  Yes, it has taken 2000 years but maybe “the illusion” wasn’t ready to see beyond the illusion.

Will you take the journey with me to see beyond the great illusion?  I think it will be a grand adventure of discovering who we really are.

Yay God!



One thought on “The Great Illusion

  1. The Lord has shown me a lot of what you are writing here. You have to find your balance. This is real and that is real the thing we are to do is combine the two. That is the kingdom of heaven.


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