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The Great Illusion

If we will look, we will see.  If we listen, we will hear… Deep within us all is the truth of what and who we are.  We are the divine extension into this perceived reality to experience the illusion of separation so we might know our oneness.  We created this illusion so we might discover…

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Stuck in the mud?

Have you ever had a dream in which you needed to run from some or run to something and it was like you were in slow motion?  No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t move fast.  Actually the harder you tried to move fast the more resistance there was to movement.  It can feel…

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The Lego Moment

“OUR discovery of God is, in a way, God’s discovery of us.” (Thomas Merton) The contemplatives and the mystics (which are really the same thing) talk about “living in the present moment.”  Actually there are many traditions that have discovered the divine power of living in the present moment.  This can be a difficult concept…

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