Where and when are you?

In college I studied Aerospace engineering.  We had upper and lower division classes.  The lower was a prerequisite for the upper.  One of these lower division classes was physics.  I had a professor that was a little difficult to understand since his primary language was not english.  I was in my second semester, enjoying my freedom as a college student and was more interested in how to get by then how to excel.  Back then physics wasn’t that exciting and I think I slept through most of the lectures.  Too bad really, because this was the class that introduced me to quantum theory or quantum mechanics.  Have you heard those terms?

You might ask “what does quantum mechanics have to do with spirituality?”  Since these posts are really about a spiritual journey, I understand your question.  If you’ve read any of these posts, you know I love to talk in pictures.  I love the allegory or metaphor.  I think most of us process in pictures because words never quite capture what it is we see or understand or ponder in our innermost being.

In my last few posts, I’ve tried to paint a picture of how unlimited our spirit our soul is and how our bodies and minds can limit or filter what our soul is trying to tell us or show us.  We are truly unlimited beings.  We are an individuation of the divine infinite.  We are the divine at our core and one with the “all that there is.”  When we can “see” that truth, we can experience what we came here to experience, the divine experience itself.  We are here to discover ourselves in this reality.  God extends himself/herself into this reality as us to experience him/herself.

Much of this reality we think is “all that there is” is a shadow of all that there is.  In many instances we actually create an illusion based on our circumstance to make sense of the shadows.  This illusion can become very distorted to include mythologies and superstitions, like a religion that worships an angry sky-god.  We made that up because we wanted to have a sense of control of our lives.  If we worshiped the fictional angry sky-god, we could manipulate our circumstance to receive blessings for sacrifices.  In that delusional perspective, we lost sight of who we really are.  We lost sight of where we are.  We lost sight of when we are.  I think quantum theory is a shadow that points to a greater truth and is a clue we left for ourselves to discover ourselves.

We think we are here:

you-are-here_2We are “physically” located in our bodily form on this tiny little planet, but we are way bigger than that.  You could say our bodies and minds are an extension of our spirit or a manifestation of our spirit.  I’ve also heard it said that our bodies are enveloped by our spirit.  Our spirit is not bound by time and space just like we know God is not bound by time and space.  Our spirit is working through and in and as one with our physical self to experience the divine reality from this physical perspective.  Still we shouldn’t feel limited our powerless as this physical extension.  Our spirit speaks in all time and space.  In the Christian bible the voice of God is described as the sound of rushing waters.  Well, of course.  We are so often tuned to one time, in one place.  Hearing all time and space from a limited perspective will sound like a cacophony of sound.

So back to the quantum thing.  Here is a video that explains the quantum two slit experiment.  It was meant for kids but I spent money to sleep through a physics class that taught me the theory and I didn’t’ really understand it until I saw this video.

Here is a still picture of the experiment:


OK, now for the metaphor…

We are like this board and the slits and the light.  The light could be our spirit.  The slits are our physical self.  The board is our mind.  Or how about the light is divine wisdom and the slits are our self-imposed limitations and the board is our perception.

When we live in the illusion of separation, we limit ourselves.  When we agree we are the wretched creatures we were taught to believe in, we limit ourselves.  When we live in the paradigm of good-bad and curses and blessings and sacrifices and rewards, we are limiting ourselves.  When we think that this body is all that there is, we limit ourselves.  When we limit ourselves we only see one bar of light, we don’t see the spectrum of light.

One of the most interesting, and really mysterious aspects of quantum theory, is the influence of the observer.  If you watched the video, you discovered that an observer changes the nature of the experiment.  Likewise, when we observe this physical reality with pre-conceived notions about this reality, we influence the outcome of our experience.

It’s like asking a question and limiting the options.  You might ask (or pray) for something and limit the possible responses, like a multiple choice test.  You think it must be A, B, C or D but really the answer is Z.  How does this happen?  How do we become the limiting observer?  Religion, dogmas, doctrines, traditions and more.  We trust more in what we are told to believe than what our innermost being is telling us.  We have changed the outcome of the experiment.

So how do we break free of this limited perspective?  We let go of our paradigms and rigid expectations.  We open our minds to see beyond what we have been told we are allowed to believe.  We don’t have multiple choice answers, but trust in the spectrum of responses.  We let go of judgment.  We stop categorizing things as good and bad.  We stop putting people into prejudice boxes.  We start loving unconditionally.  We accept all things and all people.  We forgive our enemies to discover that our enemy is ourself in another form.  We love our neighbors because in loving them we are loving ourselves in another form.  We see our oneness.  We see our divine nature.  We see our unlimited potential to create our lives as we were intended.  We take ownership and never blame.  We jettison the idea of victims and villains.  We see all of us as the one great soul.  We are all individuations of the one God who is here as us to experience the oneness of our individuations.

Jesus taught us this.  He told us explicitly to not judge, not divide, not categorize, stop with our sacrifices to a mythological angry sky-god.  He showed us what it looks like to be free to know ourselves and operate as our divine self without limits.  He saw all the bars.  He operated from all the colors of the rainbow and look at what he accomplished in such a short time.

One of the amazing things about quantum theory is the idea that even the math shows us that these particles are in multiple places at the same time or at the same place in different times.  In the same way we are not bound by time and space.  OK, that is a stretch for most of us, but when you see your divine origin and connection, you are no longer bound by time and space.  You can trust that your spirit, your soul, God is experiencing him/herself exactly as he/she needs to in your perceived reality.  Every moment is a divine moment waiting to happen with all the possible outcomes just a thought away.  As we wake up to that truth, we are “free of time and space” to experience the present moment, which is also an infinite moment.  Past and future are time and space perceptions.  God is in the present moment because the present moment contains all moments from the eternal perspective.

It’s time to open our aperture.  It is time to expand our thinking to include all that we thought we weren’t allowed to include.  It is time to discover the ultimate truth that all things are in God and God is in all things and he/she is LOVE.  Seeing unconditional love, experiencing unconditional love, living as unconditional love is the unlimited self you were always intended to be.  No more limits.  Freedom from judgment.  Love is here and now in this ever-present moment and that is where and when you are.

Yay God!


2 thoughts on “Where and when are you?

  1. I have to admit I am a quantum physics geek for the same reasons. 🙂 I love what this is doing to our understanding of God and ourselves “IN Christ.”

    Interesting bit of interpretation history: John 3:13 omits the last phrase in some modern translations, where Jesus says, “No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven.” It was discovered in the 19th century that earlier manuscripts didn’t have this phrase, “who is in heaven.” But more recently (since most modern translations were published), they’ve found even earlier manuscripts that include the phrase. Now the thinking is that the scribes probably omitted the phrase after the fact because they couldn’t see how Jesus could be both in heaven and on the earth at the same time. Talk about putting God in our religious boxes! But, stranger still, this means that WE are in heaven and earth at the same time because we are in Christ.

    The irony is, science has more faith in the heavenly realm than a lot of Christians! (Although, they may refer to it as a “non-local” dimension.) Many Christians still don’t believe they’re in heaven right now (they only believe it “positionally”), yet quantum physics has already proven it to be possible. What a strange world we’re living in when scientists have to explain the Christian faith to us!


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