The Christ Spirit

We all have the “Spirit of Christ” and can wake up to that reality.

The Christ is in us and it is our certain expectation of magnificence and great beauty.

The Christ is all in all.

Did you know all those statements are in the Christian Bible?

Christ means anointed or chosen one.  The question is chosen one or anointed for what?  In the Christian religious tradition, the Christ was the awaited Jewish messiah.  In one interpretation of the atonement, the Christ was a sacrifice to an angry god so that the rest of humanity would have a chance to avoid an eternal torment that this “god” would inflict on all humanity.  Under this construct this angry “god” needed to punish imperfection, which is the core of every human.  The believers in this doctrine would call this necessary horrific sacrifice, an act of love.  Of course it comes with strings like having to believe a certain way or be baptized or say a prayer, etc. in order to receive this “act of grace.”

For me that concept just didn’t feel right.  How about you?  Deep down, does the idea of an angry god, which must punish people in a horrific way, make any sense?  Does your innermost voice resonate with the concept of a human sacrifice?  I bet not.  Let me suggest there is another way to see “the Christ.”

Christ is not Jesus’ last name.  It was his designation.  He was the chosen one.  Again, chosen for what?  He was “chosen” to bring revelation and wisdom and understanding.  The bible calls it “the light.” The human race was lost to the illusion, in the dark regarding our true nature.

The lie of our perceived reality is we are separate, especially from God.  Jesus showed us we are an extension of God.  He said things like “I and the Father are one.”  He said we are in him and he is in us and he is in God.  What a wonderful way of saying we are one.  He “prayed” that we would know our oneness like he did.  He challenged the religious Pharisees (separatist) that their religion was not pointing to God.  He challenged us in our understanding while questioning our desire for judgment and division and exclusion.  He told us to love each other as ourselves because we are one.  He said to love God and love each other which are the natural state of an individual that sees they are part of a whole.  When we awaken to our true nature, our oneness, our divine nature, we can’t help but love ourselves and each other.  Jesus was the Christ for this purpose.

Now consider this: The Bible says we all have the spirit of Christ. I believe the “spirit” reference here is a personification of divine wisdom and revelation, the consciousness of God. Then the spirit of Christ would be the revelation and wisdom of the divine consciousness as expressed through the human.  This is what Jesus did and he was considered a perfect human.  A perfect human is one who is awake to the ultimate reality of the divine consciousness.  “I and the father are one.”  This is our purpose, to awaken to our divine nature. When we do, and we express this nature through our human form, we are being the Christ.  We are the chosen ones to bring revelation to lost or light to the darkness.

When we awaken to this divine reality, we can’t help but express love as Jesus did.  When we become aware of the oneness of all things, then all things are God or an expression of God.  God is all things and God is in all things and all things reveal God.  There is nothing outside of God, nothing outside the infinite God-consciousness.  The bible says that all things are in God and he holds all things together.  When we see that, and even better experience that reality, we are experiencing Love.  Love is the acceptance of all things.  God loves himself and when we see we are an extension of him, we love all things because all things are him.  We would never have a thought of rejecting our toe on our foot.  We would never entertain rejecting another human who is just us in another physical form.  This is why Jesus could say “love your enemy”, “love your neighbor as yourself”, “love God and love your neighbor”, “don’t judge or you are brining judgment on yourself.”  Can you see now the beauty of the Jesus revelation or the manifestation of the Christ?

How about a picture or allegory that might help?

Imagine God is dreaming and we are the dream.  His/her consciousness is dreaming this dream.  We are the characters in this dream.  Since the dream is in his/her consciousness, we are that consciousness.  We are the dream of the dreamer.  From that perspective we can see that we are all that there is.  We can see that we can be nothing other than one as the consciousness of God.  Our ego serves the purpose of seeing separation and a physical reality, but it is a tool that allows God to see himself as and through us.  Our true self is the divine consciousness.

OK, maybe all of that is a little too ethereal or philosophical. But maybe it is the key you’ve been looking for.  Maybe this unlocks a door to understanding.  Maybe you have been struggling with the religious images of our traditions and this sets you free to know what you have always known.

Wherever you are in your journey know this:  Jesus said we should follow him.  The greatest form of adoration (worship) is to emulate another.  We can do this by awakening to our divine nature as expressed in his life.  His revelation will set us all free if we are willing to follow him.  Then we can express the Christ Spirit that is in all of us.  We can love others and ourselves as God loves himself.

Yay God!


3 thoughts on “The Christ Spirit

  1. “When we awaken to this divine reality, we can’t help but express love as Jesus did.”

    Amen. When we receive God, we receive love. To know God is to re-cognize love, then we will re-present Christ by loving God and others. To not love means that we haven’t received God yet.

    What you said about the Spirit in all things is true. We need to drop all our dualistic Platonic Christianity and see that God is in everyone. It seems to me that Joel said (Acts 2) that God would pour out His Spirit on ALL flesh, not just Christian flesh. It’s amazing how clear and simple it is when you finally see it. People only need to turn their face toward God and re-cognize what they’ve always known but didn’t know (the unknown God – Acts 17).

    We’re getting into some crazy good stuff, bro! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Mel. It means a lot to me especially when I am for sure stretching the mind of traditional thinking. Of course I’m doing on purpose as Paul said to renew our minds. Still my first thought is “will Mel think I’ve gone too far?” Thanks brother for the support.

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      1. “Still my first thought is “will Mel think I’ve gone too far?”
        Ha ha! 🙂 Going too far? Let’s hope so! When His perfect love casts out our orphan fear, we are never afraid to explore and push the envelope. This IS how we grow, reform, and shed our old religious skin. Without risk there is no hope of change, or going “from glory to glory.” We’re also never afraid to “miss it.” If we do, we are confident He will pull us back. That’s the advantage of intimacy and relationship over intellectual study. Jesus is our way, our truth, and our life. He is our guiding theology, and He is always faithful to prune us back to love.


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