The Giant Baby

Sometimes pictures help us understand a difficult concept. There is an American idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This phrase was coined in the early 20th century by newspaper editors suggesting that advertising with pictures would convey more than just words. It actually isn’t a Chinese proverb or some Confucius saying. (A point of trivia for you before I paint you a picture)

I saw a picture of a giant baby. This giant baby was in “God” and was just a part of “God.” This giant baby was humanity. In every cell of this “Son” was the perfect DNA of the divine, the pure gold of the divine essence. This DNA or pure gold was the Christ. It was the substance or the source of the perfect human expression. The human race was this one giant baby with the perfect DNA of God in every cell of its body.

Then I saw a picture of Jesus. He was the perfect expression of the giant baby. He wasn’t confused by circumstance or experience or superstition or thoughts of separation. He only knew the perfect DNA. Yes he was challenged, as all humans are, by the illusion of separation in a world living in an identity crisis. He was impacted by the temporal nature of a perceived reality that is only a shadow of an eternal reality. He felt every pain of a world living in a delusion of division. Yeah, he experienced all that we do, but he never lost sight of the pure gold running through his veins. He never doubted his divine DNA. He was US as we should be when we were free from the illusion of separation.

As humanity, in God, and one with God, and of the same essence as God, we squeezed ourselves into this temporal reality to experience the time/space limitations of a physical world. We did that so we could find eternity in a temporal domain. We needed to experience the feeling of separation to know the joy of oneness. We needed to find ourselves as one in a physical world of individuals. We need to see our divine nature on the inside, our DNA. We needed to see ourselves as bigger than our perceived limitations. We needed to discover that we are the giant baby. Then we would know what it is to be complete and whole and one in the great “I am” of the kingdom of heaven, God’s ultimate reality.

So we are growing up as this giant baby. We are living the one life. We are sharing in each other’s experiences. We entered this reality as an extension of the divine reality. When our giant baby consciousness squeezed through the veil of limitations, we looked like us. We’ve been growing up for some time now. Each generation of the giant baby is a little older and wiser and enlightened. We are learning. We are being transformed by the renewing of our minds. We are looking deep within to find our eternal DNA. We are discovering the pure gold of our oneness.

Is that picture worth a thousand words? Maybe. Maybe it is worth more than that. We live in the shadows because of our limited perception. We need the divine moments to peak through the veil and see the wisdom that precedes thought. We need the divine encounter to see ourselves as bigger than our perception. We need the “ah ha” experiences of life to see we are part of something way bigger than just our bodies. We need to look at these pictures and let the pictures speak to us the secrets of the eternal reality. We are the giant baby that is becoming the Son that Jesus told us about.

Now is the moment to see outside time. Now is the place to see outside the limitations of space. Now is the opportunity to see our one life. Now is the awakening to our oneness. We are the giant baby and it’s time to grow up.

Yay God!


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