The fear of Oneness

When I talk about our Oneness with the divine, sometimes fear is the response.

There are pictures that help us see who we really are. We are an extension of God in this reality. The Christian Bible describes this extension as being the Son of God. We are that Son, all of us. Jesus said we are one with Him (as the perfect extension of God) and one with the Father (the divine consciousness of all things not defined by time and space). I’ve also described this extension or manifestation of the divine as waves on the ocean. We are the waves as part of the divine ocean. Another picture is fingers on a divine hand where the fingers have been inserted into this temporal reality. We are eternal and immortal as the divine manifestation on this grand adventure to find ourselves. We do that by looking through this temporal reality into the divine reality as a living and breathing human, one with the divine and each other.

Where does the fear come from? The ego is afraid of losing itself forever. That false or perceived identity has a fear of non-existence. How do we get past the fear? We wake up to our true self as the ONE.

OK, let’s ask ourselves a few questions. Is God infinite? We all Intuit the infinite nature of God. We are sure He (she, it) is infinite. How many humans are there? In all of time could we count the number of humans? So how many expressions or extensions of God have there been on the earth? It is a finite number not infinity. Is there a consciousness of God outside the finite number of humans? Well, yes of course, but that picture suggests we are separate. Since we are not separate, then each extension of God, as one of us, is an extension of the infinite into a seemingly finite reality. This perception of a finite reality and separation from God is where the “illusion” comes from. It is where the fear is born. We are not separate and we are not finite. We are way more than we think we are.

I will admit that I don’t know how it all works when we are free from this illusion of a finite reality. I believe we don’t get absorbed into the collective, but I bet we look very different from we think we look now.

One of the fear of the ego (the identity that is derived from the illusion of separation) is non-existence. In those false beliefs we think we are only what we are in this body. So the ego creates a scenario where it gets to be what it thinks it is in this world in the “next life.” One of our biggest fears is losing our unique identity in the ocean. We are afraid that if we aren’t a wave in the next life, then what are we? The fear of the ego is that the wave disappears into the ocean. This is why religion has such a powerful hold on so many people. Only through religion and the illusion of pleasing a sky-god do we get to continue in this perceived form in the “afterlife.”

That perception is based on an illusion. We are bigger than we think we are. We will see that when we wake up from the dream. We are seeing it now, don’t you think?

So our hesitancy in accepting our true identity as an extension of the divine comes from the Ego fear of non-existence. We think (in our ego illusion) if there is no God who is separate from us, then there is no God who carries us into in the next life as the person we think we are. See it? When we know we are one, then we know we are immortal and eternal and are the very definition of existence. We will be US. We will have an extended identity in the infinite. We will be individuals as interdividuals. We will find our identity as ONE. That will be so amazing and I am eager to see more and more glimpses of that reality in this life.

In Eben Alexander’s book “Proof of Heaven” he talks about “going” to the eternal reality. In this ultimate reality there are “things” that appear as “things.” There are people and “angels” and even more unknown entities. But at the core of it all, he says everything is connected. Everything is one in a way that you know everything is one even though the appearance of things is as individuals. I think that is exactly what we will experience and is what we are waking up to now.

I watched the movie “Lucy” the other day. There is some language and a bit of violence, but what that movie says is really profound. As Lucy is waking up (using more and more of her brain) she is waking up to the reality of ONE. She says that the unit of measure of a human is one (as in singular and not connected). She says our idea of community is one plus one equals two. But then she says there are no numbers outside of time. One plus one isn’t two but our minds can’t handle the concept of infinite. We are actually the infinite.

She has an example of how time makes us think we exist as a single individual. She talks about a car going down the road. She says if you speed up time, go faster and faster, the car actually disappears. We don’t see the car anymore when time is infinite. I like that picture. It tells me that what I think I am in time is just an image in time that isn’t real outside of time. I know that really stretches our heads in our limited thinking but doesn’t it give us huge freedom to see beyond “streets of gold” and “heavenly places.” Heaven is ultimate reality not dependent on time and space.

In the movie, Lucy achieves ultimate consciousness when she can use 100% of her brain. She is outside time. In this place there is nothingness. That frightens the ego because it is so afraid of being “nothing.” But in the nothing we are everything. We are what existed before and after and in the middle. We are in all places at the same time for all time. Can we be any bigger than that?

Being one with God in all time and space is the ultimate reality. It should set us free to know we never die. We never stop existing because God never stops existing. Actually for God there is no time so even the idea of “never” is meaningless. Time is a tool used by God (the Holy Spirit) to create an opportunity to wake up. We peer through the vail of time and space to see the infinite divine reality. That is waking up and it is freedom. The truth will set us free indeed.

The Bible says that perfect love casts out fear…

Total and complete and absolute and unconditional and unqualified acceptance by God (perfect Love) is what takes away fear. Knowing that we are Him so we must be loved as much as He loves Himself, takes away fear. When we know that we will always exist as an extension of God, our fear vanishes.  Seeing others as an extension of God creates the loving environment where we accept everyone. Healing and wholeness are in the acceptance of others. There is no fear and no judgment in our oneness.

So we shouldn’t fear oneness. We don’t lose ourselves but find ourselves in our oneness.

Yay God!


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