Divine Squeezing?

In my last post I talked about the giant baby.  Check it out.

I really believe the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is so applicable in our journey of discovery or awakening.  We live in the shadows in this temporal domain.  We are eternal beings, one with the divine and of the divine trying to discover our divine origins with a limited perspective.  I like the giant baby idea as a picture of our humanity learning and growing and still very much living the one life of humanity.  We are one.  We are connected.

With that as a backdrop, let me share another picture or concept of how our eternal, divine consciousness extends into this perceived reality.

Have you seen one of these toys?

alien stress toy

I know it is a little disturbing, but when you squeeze this little alien, his eyes and ears “extend.”  No really they bulge out in a creepy way, but the its a good image of what I see as the human consciousness extending from the divine eternal reality into this time/space limited reality.

OK, if that wasn’t enough, how about this toy?

Yeah, it is a little disturbing as well but go with me for a moment.  Imagine God extending Himself into this realm as US.  The divine consciousness wanted to experience this temporal domain in such a way that it becomes US.  The divine “squeezes” itself through creation to find a home here as US.

Whether you believe in evolution or creation, this picture still works.  The giant baby was trying to find an expression in this limited reality to experience this reality and find itself from the perspective of this reality.  Is there any greater example of free will?  Is there any greater example of unconditional divine love.

I’ve talked about swimming with the fishes and how to experience this reality as one of the creation we needed to don the wetsuit that made us look like one of the fishes.  The unconditional nature of divine love loses itself to be us even when we might not appreciate or even recognize our divine origins.  There is no greater love than a love that loses itself to be another with no conditions in the exchange.

Maybe it took us thousands or millions of years to grow up enough as a human race to reach a state of consciousness to recognize our divine nature.  Maybe in the “squeezing” process, humanity has advanced and awakened to its true identity.  Maybe it took us a while to be pliable enough to stretch ourselves to use our mind of Christ and live from the Spirit of Christ that is all of us.

Our journey is to let the spirit within stretch us and squeeze us until we no longer live as separate creatures but embrace our divine oneness.  I think the “stress toy” concept is applicable.  Our ego insists on a separate existence.  It can’t perceive our oneness because it observes something different.  This ego struggle is likely what’s left of millions of years of growing up.  The concept of separation is gradually eroding away as we wake up to our connectedness.  The ego is dying a slow death and we are all looking inward to our pure divine DNA.  Jesus showed us that truth and 2000 years we are still waking up to that truth.

When we wake up, we see that we are the divine love that sustains us, motivates us, creates us and stretches us to be the love we already are.  We are way more than our bodies.  We are way bigger than a temporal perspective.  We are actually love that already loves.  At the core of us all is a love that can’t help but love others because in loving others we are loving ourselves.  The divine loves the divine.  It is our resting mode.  It takes a lot of work and stress and anxiety and effort to suppress the unconditional love that is our innermost being.

So I say we give in to who we really are.  I say we let our unconditional loving nature rise to the surface.  I say we let our true identity squeeze out our egos as we extend our loving nature to each other.  Instead of being a stress toy, we can be the giant baby growing up into our designed human nature.

Yay God!


2 thoughts on “Divine Squeezing?

  1. “So I say we give in to who we really are. I say we let our unconditional loving nature rise to the surface. I say we let our true identity squeeze out our egos as we extend our loving nature to each other. Instead of being a stress toy, we can be the giant baby growing up into our designed human nature.”

    Amen. Squeeze out the false “us,” squeeze into our real selves and into each other in Christ! In other words, let’s go authentically human, like Jesus. 🙂


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