Our Center is Love

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the “Giant Baby.”  You should check it out if you haven’t.  It is a picture of our humanity, our origins, who we really are as one.  In this post I’d like to share another picture.

Have you seen one of these Russian nested dolls?


I think this is a really good picture of us.  At the center of us is our true identity.  At the center of us is Love.  At the center of us is the divine expression extending itself into this reality in our form.  OK, pretty deep stuff.  How about a movie clip to lighten it up a bit?

For Santa, his center is wonder.  When we see our divine love center, I bet we are filled with wonder.  Just imagine for a moment, if we were to strip everything away, all that is left is love.

The Christian Bible says that God is love.  It also says that God holds all things together and that our pure human DNA (the Christ, see the Giant Baby) is all in all.  Maybe you’ve never thought about this truth.  Maybe you’ve struggled a bit with this concept.  We all have.  It is our journey to wake up to our true identity, our divine origins and our oneness. If God is love and he holds all things together, then we are held together by love and therefore we are all one.  We are all living the one eternal life.

In the center of us all is this unconditional acceptance of all things and all people.  God loves himself and as extensions of him in this reality, he loves each of us as himself.  In the same we love each other as extensions of him or extensions of ourselves.  This love isn’t something we lack and have to find.  It isn’t something we need as if we are missing it.  It is the all in all of all of us.

Think of the power of such a truth.  When we meet people we know that we love them and they love us.  This isn’t something I need to manufacture, it is the truth of who I am.  So when I encounter something other than love, I am encountering an untruth.  When I don’t “feel” love for another, I am basing my feelings on an untruth.  The truth is I just love them and they love me, if I’ll just let it bubble up from within.

The problem is we don’t always “feel” this way and we witness the opposite of love on many occasions and in many situations.  What happens is our ego can’t reconcile the inconsistency of our true nature with what we experience.  Then the ego creates an alternate false reality that tries to make sense of the incongruity.  We create systems and paradigms to justify why we are allowed to not love another.  We judge and categorize.  We divide and exclude.  We see victims and perpetrators.  We see heroes and scapegoats.  We create an entire reality, that is an illusion, that is separate from the truth of our love for everyone.  It is the ultimate lie and the reason the “world” is what it is.  The ego has made something that is absolutely opposite of the truth.

Now we can see why we are psychotic on so many levels.  We see why we worry and are filled with fear.  We are internally in terrible conflict trying to find peace in a state of chaos.  If we can find our center, our divine love identity, we find peace.  We find rest.  We find happiness and joy and elation and hope.  We dream big dreams and see the beauty of this life.

Like the nested doll we begin with love and during our lives we encounter the opposite.  Each doll within a doll begins with love but takes on another form through our experiences.  We move further and further from the truth of who we really are.  Our perceived reality trumps our eternal reality.  We are all the dolls within dolls but have forgotten what is in the center.  Our journey is to find our tiny little baby with those big eyes, filled with wonder.  Our path takes us to the point where we just can’t live with the conflict anymore and have to look within to find our center.

Jesus was the same as us.  He was dolls within dolls but he only lived from his center.  Whether he learned it or was enlightened or his “virgin birth” was to be born with a clear understanding of his center, he was the perfect human, the Giant Baby pure DNA while he showed us the truth of who we are.  This made him unique but still we are the same as him.  Operating from his center, his oneness in the divine, his oneness with all of us, he did amazing things.  He revealed how forms and systems (the world) are not our origin.  He said we are in the world but not of the world.  He said that the kingdom of God was within.  He was talking about the reality of our true identity, our oneness, our divine nature.

His example is ours to follow, not in deed but in reality.  If we can grasp the truth that he revealed, we can reveal it to others.  He was our litmus for all time and we are the litmus in our time.  He said we cannot worship God and Mammon.  His point was we can choose whether we live from his reality or the false one the ego creates.  We can let our innermost being be our guide or let our ego justify our rejection of others.

It isn’t a bridge to far or some impossible task.  It is actually more work (evil) to deny our true self and live in the lie of separation (Sin).  If we take every step in this journey as if we love everyone and they love us, we will begin to see the center of everyone.  We will know our center.  We will see the illusion for what it is.  We will see the trappings of the false self and quickly bring healing, through love, to the hurts and wounds of the ego false perception.

Everyone needs to see the love within us so they will have the Déjà vu of their own true identity.  The healing comes from within.  The healing comes from others finding the their true identity.  In that Holy instant or divine moment or God encounter, they wake up to the eternal reality and can see clearly the illusion that has created so much turmoil in their lives.

So it’s time to find our tiny little baby.  It’s time to find our center.  It’s time to embrace our divine DNA, the pure gold within.  I challenge us all to pause, set the illusion aside, stop judging, stop dividing, stop living as the false ego would have us live.  The truth always sets us free.  Jesus said the truth will set us free and we will be free indeed.  What is the truth?  Our center is love, the divine love that holds all things together.

Yay God!


3 thoughts on “Our Center is Love

  1. “If we can find our center, our divine love identity, we find peace. We find rest. We find happiness and joy and elation and hope. We dream big dreams and see the beauty of this life.”

    Amen. When we find our center we will find Jesus and Papa waiting there smiling back at us! 🙂

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