The cycle continues

From freedom, we express freedom as phenomenal existence, going to and fro throughout the earth as the unbounded through limited manifestation. From this seat of I, we are limited as I because we identify with I. But I is not bound. I is not a limitation of self but an expression of freedom. I is not our enemy. Even as an illusion, a perception of separation, I is not in opposition to what we are. It can’t be. Everything is of the same essence, insubstantial and full, empty and pregnant, spacious and vivid. I is no different. The feeling of I is no different. The illusion that we are an I is no different. I is just another experience in awareness, no greater or less than any other experience.

In our practice of self-inquiry, we’ve been assured that when we look for I, it will drop away, revealing our pure essence as freedom from I. We may have an experience of no I, but that is also just another experience, another facet of the jewel we call life.  I is freedom. Our essence isn’t hidden. The empty center is always present. 

Beneath I, beneath experience, as the holographic screen on which experience is known, as the space for phenomenal existence, we are vividly aware as luminescent emptiness. From and as this ground of being, we know experience, we know I, we are freedom. From freedom, we know experiences are of the same quality, equally insubstantial and arising within knowing spaciousness. There is nothing else, nothing outside, nothing unknown, nothing other. Everything is just this.

And then we are an I again, and the cycle continues.

But the cycle can be seen. Seeing can be known. Knowing arises from the potential for everything. This knowing is ever-present as awareness and as a light for everything arising, including the cycle itself. Our glimpses give us context and a view of a reality previously ignored or veiled by conditioning. Our sense of an I provides us the opportunity to have glimpses and experience the wonder of discovery. The cycle is life itself that, when understood from context and seen in wonder, is our blessing, our gift, our Nirvana, our heaven on earth.

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