Fear of NOW

There is only now. Now is empty like a mist, but when seen as an I of the mist appears solid. In our experience, mist and smoke are dream-like, insubstantial, nonconformist in phenomenal experience. We learn to be afraid of the smoke that hides the truth, obscures clear seeing, serves no purpose, and is the … Continue reading Fear of NOW

The Loop

Even after a deep and profound awakening experience, the loop resumes, as it must. That is life. The waves go in and out. The cycles of life, birth, and death, happiness, and sadness come and go. Life is our essence manifest. That is what it is to be wet water. It is a loop by nature. It is the cycling of experience, another lap on the track. But for the seeker, it can be frustrating, stuck in a loop with no way out, no way to stop, no finish line.