If you call this a shippei, you are adhering to the fact. If you do not call this a shippei, you are opposing the fact. You should not use words. You should not use no-words. Speak at once! Speak at once! Gateless Gate, case 43.

In silence, there is sound. To know sound, there must be silence. To see the world, there must be space for the world. In seeing the world, the space is evident. To see the cup, there is space for the cup, but the cup is the space, and the space is the cup. There is neither cup nor space, both cup and space. Emptiness is form and form is emptiness.

Report now what cup is and be precise in your silence.

In a glimpse, we may see the emptiness of everything, the dreamlike quality of the phenomenal world, but in that same instance, we see the potential for everything. When time and space collapse into just now, now contains every possibility. Every possibility is both vapor and solid, empty and full, everything and nothing. This is reality. This is our potential, our energetic movement manifesting as human existence.

And we can know it as it is!!

This is the blessing, the grace, the heaven that awaits us as a moment in time that was always this moment. There is no place to go and nothing to learn and nothing to study and no means to attain what it is that we never lost. This is our destiny, our powerful moment as a flash of human paradox in the infinite realm of all existence…and zero. We are insubstantial as the click of the second hand, arising and vanishing in every instant, and the clock that gives life to the existence of a second.

Go ahead and scream it out! You are MU!

With all your might, let the cosmos know what you are…in silence. Don’t use words, and don’t use no-words. Ugh!  Feel that tension? That is what it is to be human. That is the intersection of phenomenal and absolute, our original face and the illusion of separation. It is the arising of form from formlessness, the birth of a cosmos, the compassion of a Christ, and the unconditional love for another. Go ahead and let it out. Birth another moment in time and space. MU.

What a wonderful gift.

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