Resistance to what IS

Life has a flow.  Life is living.  We are life…not the “my life” we’ve been conditioned to believe in.  No, the eternal life we are.  Life moves and conforms and changes and finds a way to its infinite oneness.  It’s like a stream finding its way down the mountain, into the river and ultimately into the ocean.  Life finds a way around the rocks and through the gorges.  It carves a path through the deltas, merging with more and more of itself.

Life is consciousness finding itself.  It is awareness becoming aware of awareness.  It is divine waking from the dream.  It is form realizing the formless.  Consciousness, unconscious as form, becomes conscious of consciousness.  Every turn, every bolder, every twist and rapid and waterfall is opportunity for the awakening of the dreamer from the dream.  Once awake, the form enjoys the ride down the stream, into the river, finding peace in the vastness of the ocean.

WE are that life, that extension of the formless, that consciousness, that awareness.  We are not just our form.  We are not a person living a “my life.”  We are the observer of eternal life as a form experiencing the form of formlessness.  We are the stream, the river and the ocean.  Our form is on a journey of discovery, experience and awakening.  We are waking up to life.  We are waking up to what IS.  As a form we might say we are like this paper boat traveling down the stream:paper boat

When we believe we are form and identify only with our story and are lost to the false identity as a person, we create resistance.  Its like trying to change the flow of the stream by building a dam or adding a bolder or rerouting the current by inserting a board into the natural to create the unnatural.  This is what the ego does.  Actually, it is what consciousness does when it believes it is the ego.

The ego is a natural mechanism.  It is a necessary tool for the temporal survival of our form.  It is beneficial as a means to an end.  It keeps us from stepping in front of a bus and stimulates us to solve problems like finding food when we are hungry.  It is a problem solver that only has a purpose when there are problems.  It is the mind identity with form.  Still it is not what we are.  As awareness we can focus our attention and lose our identity to the illusory identity of form, of the body/mind and of the ego.  We think we are a person instead of the witness of a personal story.

When we identify with the ego, we are creating planks and inserting them into streams all the time.  We are trying to divert or control the flow of life.  Instead of creating our own version of a stream we think we want, we create resistance to what IS.  Life is taking our form down the stream with all the rocks and boulders and waterfalls and rapids as an opportunity to wake up from the illusion of form identity.  The ego creates worry and struggle and anxiety.

Jesus had a lot to say about this.

He said we should not worry about what we will eat or what we will wear.  He was talking about our worries when we identify with form, lost to the illusion of death, completely consumed by the survival instinct.  No, we are not a temporal being that is born and dies.  We are an infinite SELF that is immortal and manifests as form to experience form as the infinite manifestations of the formless.  It is a wonderful journey down the river when we wake up from the illusion of a form identity.

He said we should not focus on the speck in someone else’s eye when we have a log in our own eye.  These are the planks we are inserting into the river with the false expectation that we can control or change the flow of the river.  We are inserting logs everywhere when we are lost to the ego.  The ego is empowered by resistance and judgment.  Our egoic desire to approve or disapprove is creating resistance and division.

I often wonder how Jesus performed miracles.  it’s easy to say “well Jesus was God” but in truth we are too.  There is only the one divine and we are a manifestation of that divine like fingers on a hand.  Jesus was a finger that knew he was a hand that knew he was a body that was all that there IS.  He had zero resistance to what IS.  Imagine for a moment that when he brought healing to someone or performed a miracle, maybe he was just removing planks and boards from the stream.  Maybe he was removing the resistance to what IS.

Without the struggle and suffering created by the illusory identity with the ego, imagine what would happen to this form.  If we believe the bible stories, humans used to live a very long time.  Wonder if loosing our identity to the ego, the fall,  leaving the garden ( losing identity with oneness), creating a world of judgment (eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil)…all of that was our transformation from embracing what IS to believing in the illusion of an ego identity?  What if that was our lumber yard moment?  We starting cutting planks and boards.  What if Jesus could clearly see planks and the damage they had cause to our form and just removed the planks to allow for the natural flow of life to continue?  How healthy is our form when it isn’t constantly battling the flow of life as an illusory, suffering ego?

When you feel resistance, check the flow.  Are you resisting what IS?  Is the ego creating more resistance to justify its existence?  Are you aware of the resistance as a story you are telling yourself?  Are you lost to the past or the future?  Are you living in judgment (I approve or disapprove)?

There is a popular saying, “Just go with the flow.”  Maybe there is powerful wisdom in that saying that we’ve only just begun to realize.  As we wake up to our true identity and feel the flow of the river and let go of our egoic illusory identity, we will stop resisting what IS and experience eternal life as it was meant to be.

Yay God!


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