The silent voice of wisdom

The still small voice.Still-Small-Voice

The still small voice… of silence.

Awareness does not speak, there is no form to speak.  Awareness is formless.  In consciousness there is only consciousness. “We” discover what “we” are the awareness aware of awareness. We are like an eyeball that can’t see itself but is very aware of the presence of itself.  “What we are” is looking as the eyeball but can’t be seen because there is no eyeball. We are not an object.  What’s left when the objects are removed?  What’s left when the concepts are gone?  Just awareness, a constant awareness ready to focus attention anywhere and everywhere. Awareness  is the presence that is beingness.  In the absence of  subjects or objects there remains the space in which the objects appear.  “See spot run.”  Without “seeing” and a “spot” and a spot that can “run” and a mind that has a concept of running and dogs named spot and seeing, there is only the awareness that can witness seeing and dogs named spot and the experience of running.

The still small voice is silence.

The moment we add or interpret or try to comprehend with a mind, we’ve left the realm of the infinite, the no-thingness where wisdom IS.  As a form, the unlimited has been constricted into limited.  Wisdom can’t fit into the thoughts that the ego perceives as understanding.  TRUTH or reality can only be known not understood.  This TRUTH is divine wisdom.  Divine wisdom is accessed outside the limits of the body mind identity.  Wisdom is accesses in awareness.  There is no “thing” to find only the looking.  There is no “thing” to hear, only the hearing.  There is no thing to touch, taste or smell, only the act of touching or tasting or smelling.  It is the moment just before the sugar cube touches your tongue.  That anticipation, that complete focused awareness is the divine presence.

The still small voice is silence.

In the intense presence where subjects and objects don’t exist, the perceived subjects and objects are seen as they ARE, not as they are perceived.  Distortions of the ego through judgement and conditioning become apparent.  Thoughts of the mind become observations.  Emotions are seen as arising in awareness.  What is TRUE, veiled by the illusion, comes forth as the veil is removed and seen for what it is.  Even if the veil isn’t completely removed in that moment of awareness, it is still seen for what it is.  Intense presence shines a light on it all. All distortions of conditioned perceptions are revealed. What IS, is revealed as what IS.

The still small voice is silence.

In prayer or meditation or intense moments of presence, we are immersed in the silence of wisdom.  We are enveloped by the nothingness of divine oneness.  What is seen, is seen as the divine seeing.  Any words that are heard are the body-mind-form interpreting the wisdom through a limited translator.  Before the words, the still small voice of silence is the intense knowing of what IS.  In the intense presence, there are no purposes.  Purposes are concepts.  There are no agendas.  Agendas are egoic desperate control measures.  When Jesus says “when ask for what we want, in faith, we can move mountains”  he is pointing us to the seeing as the divine presence we are within the unlimited awareness that is aware.  When we see the river (of eternal Life) from the silence of wisdom, we recognize the boards constructed by the ego.  We see the divine flow as it IS.  The board-constructing-ego wants to change the flow but in awareness, the ego is another object to observe.  The person is another story to witness.  The faith Jesus talks about is really seeing as awareness.  When we see the mountain is something the egoic identity illusion created, it can be moved anywhere.

The still small voice is silence.

When “you” seek guidance, look within.  When “you” want answers, find the silence.  The guidance and answers are already there as the wisdom that precedes the manifestation of the universe we perceive.  In the silence is the knowing.  Knowing will take form through your form.  The “form” may be words or intuition or emotion or confirmation or other observed forms.  It may be a song or a bird or a sunset or a smile.  It may take the form of and idea or even a solution.  Still it is born in the wisdom of silence and what takes form points back to the wisdom of silence.  The still small voice is “speaking” but the “words” you hear are the absence of words or concepts or conditioning.  Knowing then takes form and it is always with the flow of the river of eternal life.  It “feels” more like the absence of resistance than the excitement of revelation.  The still small voice of silence is the knowing of what IS.

Yay God!


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