Stuck in the mud?

Have you ever had a dream in which you needed to run from some or run to something and it was like you were in slow motion?  No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t move fast.  Actually the harder you tried to move fast the more resistance there was to movement.  It can feel like you’re surrounded by water or your legs feel heavy or you’re stuck in the mud.

stuck-in-the-mudIt can be very frustrating.  Then you wake up and realize it was just a dream.  Maybe you get up and move around to remind yourself that you can move, you’re not stuck in the mud.  You tell yourself “it was just a dream”, you shake off the cobwebs and see the sunlight shining through the window.  The fog lifts and you start feeling better.

OK, how about a dream when you are trying to say something or yell and nothing comes out.  Have you tried to wake yourself up or wake up the person next to you by yelling at them so they will wake you up.  Have you called our for help and nothing comes out or you just moan or squeak.

speachlessYou are literally speechless or without the ability to speak.  The harder you try the more choked up you are.  Sometimes you can press through, concentrate really hard and the moan becomes a word.  Then the word becomes a phrase.  Then your sleeping body cries out.  You wake yourself up from your dream by making noises in your sleep.  Sometimes you wake up the person next to you.  I know you have experienced that scenario.

The psychologist and dream interpreters have a myriad of reasons this happens.  They will suggest “suppressed this” and “lack of control feelings” or “not being heard” or “no power in your stressful situation.”  I’m sure all that applies on some level, but what if it is more, way more.  What if we are having a metaphysical experience?

One of the definitions of metaphysical is “transcending physical matter or the laws of nature.”  What if our dreams are showing us something quite profound, something that transcends our physical experience?

Think of it this way:  Our soul, our spirit, our divine self is not limited by time and space.  Our soul is experiencing all that there is in a moment that is infinite and instantaneous.  OK, that is some pretty deep thinking, but let me suggest that our true self isn’t limited like our physical self.  What if our soul is trying to do something or say something and our physical perception is limiting what can be said or done?  What if the infinite, unlimited reality is constricted by the temporal and special reality…there I go again with the mind benders.  What if all that there is, is trying to express itself through us and we are the mud and the speechless?

Still it is a wonderful thing.  When our soul tries to move very fast, our physical self is moving in slow motion but it can still be an Olympic sprinter like Michael Johnson.  When God speaks and His words come through our moaning physical self, it is Shakespeare.  When our soul has a song and it comes through our stuck-in-the-mud expression, it sounds like Beethoven.  So even in our dream-like state, our muttering and squeaking and thrashing and 1000 pound legs and confused minds, we can express phenomenal beauty and majesty and grace.

Now imagine how much better it could be if we could really express who we really are.

It is said that when God speaks it is like the sound of rushing waters.

voice-of-rushing-watersWhy?  When God speaks He is speaking in all time and in all space.  His utterances are filled with all the utterances of all the moments rolled into one.  Our soul is an individuation of Him, so when our soul speaks it is the utterance of God.  If we could open our aperture just a little, imagine what might come through.  If we could find our voice, stop living in our dream state, and speak with the divine voice, just imagine what we might create.  Imagine what we might accomplish.  Bach is just a squeak.  Hemingway is just a moan.  Mikhail Baryshnikov is what it looks like for God to be stuck in the mud in our limited physical self.  Just imagine what we could do if we were who we are without limits.  Imagine if we could speed up this physical expression up to be the frequency of the divine.

It is possible.  Others have done it.  Jesus did it.  Jesus lived as an unlimited expression of the divine.  He operated without limits.  His gift, his aperture, was forgiveness, no judgment.  Through his unlimited expression of forgiveness, he healed, he saved, he made whole.

Bach’s was music.  Micheal Johnson was physical perfection.  Shakespeare was an expression of the human condition.  What is yours?  What is your unlimited expression?

We don’t have to be stuck in the mud, speechless or in slow motion.  We are one with the divine and it is speaking with the voice of the rushing waters.  If we are willing, we can hear, we can express, we can be unlimited.


So it is time to get unstuck.  It is time to find your voice.  It is time to find your true self and your true expression.  Let’s not be stuck in the mud anymore.

Yay God!


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