The Great Unpacking

Have you seen this trick before?

We all question why we are here, what is this whole life about, don’t we?  I expect most have asked those questions at some point in their lives.  I can’t possibly answer that question for you.  Part of the journey is to find those answers.  Let me share a secret however, the answers are within you.  As the divine manifestation of God in this temporal realm you have access to all the wisdom of the universe.  I bet you never thought divine wisdom looked like a straw wrapper?!?!

Imagine for a moment, God before there was what is.  Imagine all of what we perceive today was in God but hadn’t been brought forth from God.  God was all there was.  God is love.  Divine love is completely and totally unconditional in every way.  Unconditional love loses itself to another.  It is so other-centered, the only thing that matters is the object of that love.  This love expressed is the energy that holds all things together.  God, being all that there was, only knew Himself but was “lost” to Himself as unconditional love.

OK, maybe that is a little deep and confusing but go with me for a moment.

If we think of God, before all that is, was, He was complete in Himself but had no reference to know Himself outside Himself since He was all there was.  God conceptualized Himself within Himself (or Herself, or Itself).  But God wanted more.  He desired more.  He desired to know Himself through experience.  The only way to know Love, Himself, was to unpack Himself to see Himself from within Himself.

I know still a bit heady but it gets better.

God unpacked Himself like this straw wrapper, or maybe like this picture:


God, being outside time and space, stretched Himself out in time and space to experience Himself in time and space.  He wanted to experientially know Himself through extensions of Himself.  Those extensions are US.  From this vantage point, He could see Himself through our eyes.  He could experience Himself through our experiences.  God being perfect love could now discover and express that perfect love to Himself as all of US.  We received the greatest gift as His “offspring.”  We received relativity.  Now in this perfect design of contrasts, we (He) can experience the joy from sadness and the rainbows from rain.

The common thread through all of what we experience is love.  The experience may come in the opposite form, the opposite of love…fear. Still the contrast gives us a canvass to paint our life picture to discover ourselves as the divine extension of God into our perceived reality.  In this design we have choices and options.  We get to create ourselves.  We get to live life and consume life and experience life as God experiencing Himself, all unpacked for the adventure.

Here is the twist.  When He did this, when He unpacked Himself to be us, He did it in a way that we would forget where we came from.  Only then can we really have choice.  Only then can we experience all there is to experience free to create whatever it is we wish to create.  In my last post I talked about the nested dolls picture.  We go through life, creating ourselves to discover the center of ourselves.  The journey begins and ends in love, our center.  Yes, it can be a huge exercise in trial and error, but eventually we will shed all those illusions to find our center, love.

So everything we see, everything we experience was first in God and is still in God.  It was unpacked for our experience.  Sadly, since we forgot where we came from, we have created mythologies and superstitions based on the opposite of love.  We have struggled internally with what we perceive versus what we know (tapped into the divine wisdom).  In the deepest parts of us we know love for ourselves and others but our experiences have shown us something different.  When we don’t know who we are and where we come from we create an illusion based on good and bad, right and wrong, blessings and curses.  All of this, what we call good, what we call bad, what we call blessings, what we call curses, are all in God and were unpacked from the one I Am.

When we see this truth, we are free to see the beauty of the design.  We are free of the good-bad, trying to please a mythological tyrant made in our fallen image.  Instead we embrace love as our center.  We embrace the perfect design and we live life.  We entered this reality perfect and we create ourselves as we remember ourselves.  The divine love of the universe, God Himself, is powering the whole thing so we will discover what He has always known but now is experiencing through us.

We move from the conceptual knowing through experience to being.  We have a concept of unconditional love that when we experience it (maybe through trial and error), we become it.  This is the trinity of God.  The knowing Father, the experiencing Son and the being Spirit.

Maybe this is a stretch for you, maybe not.  Maybe God unpacking Himself is just too much to take in.  Maybe it hurts your head to think of God as a straw wrapper trick.  But maybe, it will resonate with something deep within you.  Search yourself.  Listen to your innermost voice.  Find the peace that Jesus said is ours to have.  There aren’t right and wrong answers.  We make that up based on our own perceived opinions and the opinions of others.  Only you can experience this life as you being God experiencing this unpacked life as Himself.

So take a huge bite out of this life.  Look at every experience as an opportunity to see God, to see love.  Let that love be your guide.  Remember who you are in this unpacked reality.

Yay God!


2 thoughts on “The Great Unpacking

  1. “So take a huge bite out of this life. Look at every experience as an opportunity to see God, to see love.”

    As the Message Bible says in Eph. 3:19… “Reach out and experience the breadth! Test its length! Plumb the depths! Rise to the heights! Live full lives, full in the fullness of God.”


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