In my last post I tried to paint a picture of God unpacking Himself to know Himself through us so that what He knew in concept, He wanted to experience as us and it becomes ultimate knowing or experiential knowing…divine truth.  Because we are limited in our temporal reality, we stretch this unpacking over linear time, but since time is in God, the unpacking is eternal and instantaneous.

OK, did I lose everyone?  Then this will for certain seal the deal.

For God to experience Himself as us and through us, we had to step into this reality not knowing (experientially) we are divine.  To have a pure, non-influenced experience, we couldn’t retain the experience of being divine.  God chose to extend Himself into this reality as us (His children) to wake up to being Him (His children).  He didn’t want to bias the discovery so He “forgot” who He was as us.  But we are all one in Him and as Him we never lost our connection with Him (ourselves).  Our journey is to wake up to who we really are as a divine extension of God living this life to experience what it is to know who we are.

OK, maybe all that is a little too deep or philosophical.  How about a movie instead?

I recently watched a movie that impacted me so deeply; I’m still turning it over and over in my head.  It’s like reading a great novel that you don’t want to end and when it does, you feel a loss of sorts.  That, my friends, is the very transcendent experience we came here for.  Let me share the some of these experiences from this movie.

So here is the cliché “spoiler alert” disclaimer.  I’ll try to keep many of the details out so if you watch it, you can still enjoy the journey.


The movie is called “Wrecked”.  The movie begins with the main character waking up in a car that has plummeted down a steep ravine.  When he wakes up, he has no idea who he is.  He doesn’t remember what has happened.  He has no memory prior to this moment.  He is also hurt and in pain, trapped by the collapsed dashboard of car with his leg severely broken.  He is the only survivor.  In the car is a dead body.  Outside the car is a dead body.  He is alone.  (Sorry for the gruesome description)

The rest of the movie is about his 6 or 7 days alone in the woods, trying to find a way out.  His leg is hurt so badly that he can’t walk but has to crawl so his going is slow and his perspective is limited.  He has no wallet in his pocket and no ID.  He doesn’t know who he is, there is nobody there to tell him, he is in great pain, he is afraid, he is hungry and thirsty, experiencing shock, trying to survive and get to safety.  Get the picture?

The transcendent experience of the movie is how it is an allegory our lives in this temporal reality.

Did I loose you all again?  I hope not.

This character is desperate to remember what has happened and who he is.  At one point he turns on the radio in the car and hears a bulletin about 3 armed and dangerous bank robbers on the loose.  “Let’s see, one dead guy in the back, one outside and me.  Hmmm. “ Then he finds a gun under the seat with three rounds expended.  “Hmmm. “ He finds a credit card under the seat with the same name as of one of the armed robbers from the radio broadcast.  He finds money in the trunk of the car.  He starts to hallucinate about a woman who comes to help him in the woods…and more.

He creates an entire identity from the little he can piece together.  He takes his circumstance and surroundings and information in that situation and forms an identity about himself.  Even his hallucination about a woman trying to help him becomes part of his created identity.  “She must have been a bank teller and I shot her.”  From just what he has observed and data from others, (the radio announcement, the credit card, the gun, the money…) he creates himself, he creates his identity, his past present and potential future (in jail as a bank robber).

And…this is the best part…his manufactured, illusionary identity isn’t true .

When he finally crawls back up the ravine to the road where they went down the slope, he discovers another body.  “Wait a minute, three bank robbers, four people in a car wreck.”  He looks in the wallet of this other man and sees this man is actually the person who owns the credit card that he found in the car.  “Hmmm.”  The math no longer adds up.  In that instant he is free to think something else.  He is free to let go of his illusionary identity and search within for another answer.  Free to let go of this false identity, he can now discover his true identity.

The details I’ll leave out but one “spoiler” I must share.  He wasn’t a robber or dangerous or anything like that.  He was an innocent bystander that got kidnapped by some angry robbers.  It turns out he is actually the hero of the story.  I’ll let you watch the movie to feel that moment on your own.  Wow oh wow!!

I bet you can already see where I am going with this.

We are all creating our own story with our own perceived identity.  We can choose from what we are told, what the data says, what others say about us.  We can manufacture an identity based on pain and suffering and loss and depression and fear and rejection and guilt and shame and so so much more.  OR we can let our true self come forth.  We can let go of an illusion and grab hold of reality.  We can stop believing a lie and instead embrace truth.

We can stop thinking we are independent, separated creatures and instead embrace our oneness.  We can stop thinking we are only this body and see we are triune beings of mind, body and spirit.  We can stop denying our origins and accept our divine nature.

In us all is the revelation of our true self.  We can create our reality based on our true self or go with the illusion.  This true self is revealing itself all the time.  The spirit is always prompting us.  Our innermost voice is leading us.  God is always speaking.  We are waking up to being His extension on the Earth.  Do we listen or do we ignore?  Do we accept or distort.  Do we let our pain change our reality or let reality change our pain?

One lest spoiler, sorry.

The woman who appears in his hallucinations (she shows up next to the car to give him water and food but she isn’t real) isn’t someone he hates or someone who hates him or an enemy or a victim or anything like that.  She is his wife.  He loves her.  In his pain and fear, he creates her to be something she isn’t and is oblivious to who she really is.  He hated himself in his perceived reality and hated her in his projected illusion.

When he sees himself for who he is, his love for her wakes him up to see her for who she is.  It is a wonderful moment. When we are discovering ourselves and creating our lives based on who we really are, love is always the filter that makes it possible.  Apart from love we won’t find eternal reality because eternal reality is God and God is love and He is US.  Love unlocks the doors to see our true self.  We don’t have to be “Wrecked” anymore without a clue who we are.  We can wake up in love to experience what we know conceptually in love to become the love of experience.  That’s way better than an illusion.

Yay God!


6 thoughts on “WRECKED!

  1. Wow.. guess I know what I am doing today. . .rainy, cold day — what better than watching a movie? I love how Neale Walsh puts it. The true reality for each and every one of us is that we are “warmly embraced, deeply comforted, dearly cherished, profoundly appreciated, genuinely treasured, softly nurtured, profoundly understood, completely forgiven, wholly absolved, long awaited, happily welcomed, totally honored, joyously celebrated, absolutely protected, instantly perfected, and unconditionally loved — all at once.” Yay!

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  2. Yes, sounds like a very cool movie. Another analogy here…his first thoughts were like the bad orphan theology we’ve been fed for hundreds of years…criminals saved by grace, all alone and separated and running from God. The actual truth is what we’re learning about ourselves in Christ. Awesome. I love how God preaches through Hollywood. 😊

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  3. Good post..Along those same lines, perhaps we think we will be who we are now, what we “think” we’ve been born with personality- wise, but life has a way of changing us (good & bad), we meet people who change us, tragedy changes us…so we end up being someone much different in old age….hmmm. I know I’m not the same person I was in childhood. Now, i need to see that movie! 😉


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