Letting go of the baggage

The soul accumulates unconscious baggage from the illusion of separation.  This baggage is the product of struggle or suffering in blindness to our true nature of oneness. Resistance to what is, judgment and categorizing as forms and  concepts, wishing that what is is not…all this is the struggle of awareness that is unconscious to itself and it produces baggage.

This baggage needs to go so awareness can awaken to truth, so awareness can become aware, so that unconsciousness can give way to consciousness, so that the soul can know itself as THE self.  These bags we carry have deep roots, entanglements, emotional bonds to the dream or illusion.

What we call the soul is the metaphysical psychology center, the metaphysical mind and emotion confluence, the karmatic focal point of the personality current of the infinite consciousness river in the temporal form of existence.  The soul is what a unique version of God manifests as,  apart from its non-dual essence.  The soul is a color of the white light that is free of the physical form and the extremely limited body/mind expression. It is the “I” in the “I am.” It is what gives us the sense of “I” as we observe as the observer.

If we look deeper for the “I,” we find there isn’t even an “I” but only the looking.  This looking or inquiring is the way we can know God and therefore the way might we see God manifest as our different levels of consciousness.

The more lost the “I” is to unconsciousness the more we perceive God as the image of a human, albeit a better version of any human we meet or know.  As consciousness raises, our perception of God takes the form of spirit or a soul-like entity.  This perceived form is a special soul we might call a holy spirit.  Then as consciousness continues to rise, as the soul awakens to its true self,  God takes the form of a source or life-giving, eternal truth. These concepts are more abstract because awareness becomes aware of the formless, the timeless, the eternal.

The baggage is dropped.  The deep wounds are healed.  The roots are pulled out.  The entanglements are untangled.  The illusion is seen as what it is, the illusion of separateness to know oneness.

And then awareness sees all as one.  There is no “I” in “I am” but only the “am” exists which is all that there is.  Father son holy spirit…All one.  The progression is natural.  The baggage releasing process is our spiritual growth or awakening journey.  The path is predictable and repeatable.  We perceive God as the perfect human form (Jesus or older Jesus we call Father), spirit form (holy spirit) and the merging of all.

Jesus revealed this to us and pointed us to the ultimate truth…I and the Father are one in the “I” we call our soul, full of the spirit.  The soul is awakening.  The baggage is being let go.

Yay God!



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