Disolving resistance

The ego is our resistance to reality. In the subject-object oriented mind, there is a natural conflict when we perceive ourselves as separate or the subject that is sensing, perceiving and thinking in terms of objects. We believe our thoughts are our identity. We believe our sensations and perceptions are our self. But in reality, we are just the one divine extension.  The dream world appears as separate things and when we forget we are dreaming and become the subject of the dream instead of the dreamer, we perceive a separate self.

When we wake up or have a glimpse of oneness, the resistance to that oneness is the ego resisting ultimate reality. The ego is a dreamed illusion. The only way to dissolve the ego, is to dissolve resistance. The only way to dissolve resistance is to remove the good-bad from our minds. The good-bad, or critical thinking, or judgment, is the ego trying to justify resistance.

When we say “I don’t like this” or “I want that” we are thinking as a separate self. “This and that” are objects. The first hurdle is to go beyond the good-bad which in the ego resistance, justifies those demands.  When we accept all things (love) then the door opens to see we are all things, or better said, all things aren’t things at all but modalities of the same thing. Our minds are limited to objective thought so the only way to get beyond our thoughts is love. When our minds come to rest in the truth of “no thing”, then we can open up to oneness

Our happiness bubbles up from our true self when we are no longer resisting. Often it happens when the statement “I want this” is momentarily satisfied by getting “this”, whatever “this” is. We think the happiness comes from the object but really it is the peace emerging through our true nature in the place of no resistance.

In truth there is no separate self. Lance doesn’t exist. The ego is the resistance to that truth. The ego insists that Lance exists. The fear if non-existence is the ultimate expression of good-bad. It is the fear of death in the dream state. But it isn’t real. To go from awakening to enlightenment, I have to pass through the door of non-existence. I have to let go of the desire to exist as Lance. This means I have to work through self inquiry to discover where I am clinging to a non-reality, duality, the mind trapped in objectivity.

What remains then is the dream character as the pure expression of the dreamer. All the personality of Lance, formed in the dream state, is the unique expression of the dreamer in this dreamed state. I begin to see thoughts as the objects they are and then the truth that these objects are of the same consciousness as everything else which isn’t another thing but just expressions of the same thing, namely infinite consciousness. In this way I find my true self and live as the perfect expression of that true self.

If I ignore the ego, the resistance to reality, I empower the ego. I have to face it head on and expose it to reality to see it dissolve as the illusion it is. When I feel resistance to non-existence, I am embracing the ego. I am afraid of non-existence. I am afraid of death. When I see the truth of immortality and “being”, I live! I am no longer a separate self. I no longer live in resistance. Happiness and peace are found. They emerge from my true nature. So I have to face my resistance. I have to let infinite consciousness bring grace to the resistance.

The only way to be free of the dream is to embrace the dream completely. This is love, the total acceptance of all things. This means that even the ego is not my enemy. The separate self is not my enemy. Even the separate-self, the ego, are an expression of pure consciousness. I can love it into grace and see it dissolve in the embrace.

We’ve heard it said…

Know the perfection of it all. Accept all things. Let unconditionality be our natural state.

All of those are just ways of saying the same thing. We see glimpses even in religion. When we have a sense of forgiveness when we “accept Jesus as our savoir”, in that moment we are accepting our self. We feel the peace and happiness of our true nature in the non-resistance moment. For a moment the ego dissolves.

Only through open, honest and transparent inquiry, will we find our true self as the resistance dissolves. It feels like a total loss of control as it should. The ego believes control is a real thing. It isn’t real. Life is in control. When the ego is dissolved and the pull of the separate-self reality releases, we will find life.

I’m not there yet either, but every day is an opportunity for another moment of an awakened glimpse of ultimate reality…seeing God

Yay God


2 thoughts on “Disolving resistance

  1. “We see glimpses even in religion. When we have a sense of forgiveness when we “accept Jesus as our savoir”, in that moment we are accepting our self. We feel the peace and happiness of our true nature in the non-resistance moment. For a moment the ego dissolves.”

    Good way of looking at it. In other words, we’re escaping the Matrix, “the world pulled over our eyes,” in that moment. 🙂 Or biblically speaking, we died and our (real) life is found in Christ in God (Col.3:3). To gain the world (ego, dualistic reality) is to lose our life (real life in the Trinitarian divine dance).


  2. Thanks Mel. I’m sure you are my litmus. As we awaken from this dream, it is possible that our language can become exclusive, falling into the same dream with another voice. That would be tragic. Your support is important and keeps me grounded.


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