Life is Easy

Life is Easy

Did you know life really isn’t hard at all? Life is easy.

When we try so hard to control life, life is hard because life can’t be controlled. But when we know life can’t be controlled, life is easy because we are along for the ride.

Then we see the ride has a destination.

The destination has already been planned out. When we see from the eternal, we know the destination is the origin. We begin in the divine and end in the divine. Now we know life is even easier.

Then we realize that eternal means timeless.

If the destination which is the origin is timeless then we are at the destination now. Could life get any easier?

Then we ponder why this life at all?

We see life from the inside out. God knows all and is all and is timeless and infinite. The divine choses to limit His knowledge and his space and His exposure and be bound by time to discover what it means to know all and be all and be timeless and be infinite from every temporal perspective imaginable. Yeah, He chooses to experience Himself as US. We are learning and experiencing Him as US. We see through the same eye. Now life is not only easy but fun as a journey of discovery.

Now we can see all the stuff we think we want to control is the very random stuff that provide the opportunity to see ourselves as him.

And the best part…

When we see this truth, we know that we can control everything from the timeless existence….it just looks different than we thougth.  If the destination is the origin, which is timeless, and we exist there, then my control is to allow that truth to overwhelm my perceived temporal reality. As it does, then our perspective of life is altered, we are transformed, our minds are renewed. The more we are certain of who we are, the more this life becomes a temporal vacation to experience the eternal existence from a perceived temporal vantage point. What a ride.

As an extension of the divine, I could study about Everest. I could look at pictures. I could know every molecule of the mountain since the divine is in every molecule if the mountain. Or…I could climb the mountain thinking I am not of the mountain to discover, in the pinnacle moment, I am one with the mountain.

That is this life and it is easy.

In biblical terms the word became flesh. We have often interpreted that discourse only as related to Jesus. But we are the Christ. We are the one life. Jesus showed us the way in Grace and Truth. Our fallen nature of ego-centric reasoning made laws and rules in an attempt to control a fictional divine manipulator. In that construct we are the manipulator trying to manipulate a divine being to receive a blessing.  Jesus shows us a better way.

Let me suggest that “the word became flesh” can be interpreted from an eternal perspective. The word translated as “word” is Logos. In Greek philosophy, during the time of Jesus, the Logos was not considered the “word.” These philosophers saw the Logos as something grander, more encompassing. They identified the term with “the divine animating principle pervading the Universe.” They would say “the Logos of the living God is the bond of everything, holding all things together and binding all the parts, and prevents them from being dissolved and separated.” “The Logos becomes the aspect of the divine that operates in the world—through whom the world is created and sustained.” “The Logos is a kind of shadow cast by God, having the outlines but not the blinding light of the Divine Being.”

Knowing that perspective of the period Greek philosophers, can you see that “the word became flesh” is all of us? We are the Sons. We are the divine extension of the divine in this temporal reality. We are one with the ineffable God. We are His fingers and toes. We are the waves on the ocean of the divine. We stepped into this reality to experience the temporal perception of the timeless God. We transcended the eternal to experience the physical as a divine manifestation of the eternal. Yeah, all of that and more.

So life is easy. The Logos became flesh and we are that Logos. The more we embrace our origin, our destination, our eternal self, the more we are free to experience this magnificent journey of discovery. We are learning to see ourselves and in seeing ourselves we are seeing the divine wisdom of this life. It is the one life. We are all living the one life. We are sharing in the one life…and that life is easy.

Yay God!





2 thoughts on “Life is Easy

    1. Thank you Susan. I love how when we trust and surrender that even our language and words can capture the same hope from different perspectives. The concept of surrender is a beautiful thing when we know God is Love and we are a part of Him, ineffably joined, inexplicably one, sharing in His divine consciousness. It has a very different meaning when we are trapped in the illusion of a God who must be manipulated by our behavior and beliefs to receive a blessing. WE are the blessing. WE are the surrender. He surrendered Himself to be US. Love gave itself to be US so we could discover US and Him at the same time. Our victory is waking up to the truth of our divine nature or as Mel would say our Sonship. Good stuff.

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