Call me crazy

I saw an image, a picture really, or maybe it was a video in my head.  What I saw was Adam, inanimate Adam, the dirt man lying in the arms of God.  This Adam was lifeless but looked like Adam.  Arguably the whole Garden story is a poem and very metaphorical but hang with me for a bit while I paint this picture for you.

Lifeless Adam in the arms of God, but not some white-haired old guy.  This image of God was Adam.  No really, it was like Adam was holding Adam.  The living Adam was more like a hologram.  You know the kind.  You can see through a hologram.  This hologram Adam was holding the solid, lifeless Adam.  Get the picture?

Now the hologram Adam went into the lifeless Adam.  All of the hologram or Spirit Adam went into the inanimate Adam and the lifeless Adam woke up.  He took a deep breath and woke with a start.  He looked around and was only aware of himself.  It was like the hologram Adam never existed.  This human Adam was the lifeless dirt guy but was now living and breathing because of the hologram or animate Adam.  Still it was just Adam.

That vision has lots of holes if you are trying to reconcile it to another story but I think it is powerful.  God, the hologram Adam, lost Himself in the inanimate Adam to give the dirt Adam life.  Will the dirt Adam ever realize that his life, his identity, his animation is God?


What is so powerful to me is how love gives itself to be another while losing itself to be the other.  God is love and love animated the dirt body we think is ourselves.  Our true self is much more than a body.  Our true self is the divine self.  The divine self through a body can create an ego-self that thinks it is the only self.  We are oneness.  We are the divine manifestation of God.  We are love manifest in and through this body.  We have a body so our eternal self can experience this physical reality and wake up to its divine origins.  We are in a dream, a deep sleep, waking up to our true self.  We are becoming aware.  We are being enlightened.  We are being transformed.  We are changing our minds.  We are being born again.  We are in a search for nirvana.  Yeah we are all that and more.

I’m tired of holding back for fear others might think I am crazy.  I’m not crazy.  I am waking up.  Every one of us has that spark to see our true self.  We all have the desire deep within us to see our purpose or our calling.  We want to know where we came from and where we are going.  We want to understand the meaning of this life and if there is a life beyond this life.  All of those answers are found in our identity as the divine.

There are so many ways to paint a picture of this divine love that becomes us so we can see ourselves as divine love.  Here are a few that of course make me look crazy, but here you go:

We are fingers on an infinite hand.  We are billions of fingers on a divine hand that is connected to a divine elbow and so on.  All of the universe is in this body.  We are bits a pieces of it all.  Our false-self rejects the hand and assumes that it is a body of its own.  The conflict we feel, the desire to know the purpose, the restlessness to know the meaning of life, is our finger telling our false-perceived independent body that it isn’t an independent body.

We are waves on an ocean.  The divine ocean is God and since waves are water and oceans are water and it is all connected as water then we are the divine projection of water on the earth.  We are deep as the ocean and as turbulent as the waves.  In a hurricane we get tossed about but at the depths of us is the calm of fathoms of ocean.  Our ego-self thinks it is a boat on the ocean.  We worry and fear because a boat is subject to the storm but, in reality, we are the ocean and have nothing to fear in the depths of our true self.

God is a great fog that permeates and moves freely through all things.  This fog gives life and substance to all things.  This fog is the sustainer of all things.  We are droplets of water in the fog.  The fog doesn’t exist without the droplets of water and the water droplets don’t exist outside the fog.  We are connected to and the very substance of the fog.  We fear rejection and abandonment because our ego-self thinks it is alone and can be abandoned.  But we aren’t alone.  We are one.

We are tiny bits of the collective consciousness of the universe.  We are sharing the consciousness of the infinite consciousness.  We are sharing the same consciousness.  We have access to all the consciousness and are completely aware of our own consciousness.  All the consciousness of the universe is the consciousness of God.  We fear lack because we are afraid to be without, but we are on the consciousness that creates all we see.  We lack nothing since we are one with the consciousness that creates all things.

We are life.  We are all the life.  We share in the infinite or eternal life.  We are all living the same infinite or eternal life.  We all are living the Jesus life.  His life was and is our life.  It is the same life that through our bodies experience the physical life because the spirit gives life to our bodies.  We are one in life and our fear of death is because we don’t know we are this infinite life.  We are immortal and eternal.  Our bodies might die but we don’t die.

We are love.  God is love.  Before what we see was created was God.  Love was before all things.  Since what we see came from what was before what we see then what we see is a product of love.  What we see gets its substance from love.  The energy that is love is manifest as this reality.  We are not only that love but are animated by love itself.  Our true self is but love and can be nothing but love.  When we are moving in love, we are being ourselves and are in concert with the power of the universe.  When we fear, we don’t know that we are love and we don’t operate from that love.  We are powerless in fear.

Those are just a few ways of seeing this divine love being and seeing ourselves.  Yeah, I am sure after this post many will call me crazy, that is expected.  But if you are seeking and you want to find rest and peace and joy and answers, find your divine self.  Let your false ego-centric self go and trust in the divine love that is your life.  Jesus came to show us what it looked like to be a perfect human.  He showed us what it looked like to be Adam before he forgot who he was.  Jesus shows us who we are.  His words aren’t something to achieve but indicative of who we are.  We don’t have to judge because our true self never judges.  We don’t have to hide because our eternal self has no fear.

Yeah, I’m crazy, crazy for love.

Yay God!


7 thoughts on “Call me crazy

    1. Love you Sas. It is so difficult when words won’t capture it. That is how I know God may not be a person like our illusion suggest a, but is more personal than the word can capture. His intimacy precedes thought. We are waking up to that reality. I said in 2012 I would do anything to know the love of God. This is the fruit of that desperate desire. Yay God!


  1. Yes, Lance, you are crazy (according to the logic of this world.) I’m crazy, too. 🙂
    The early church fathers (Eastern church still does) called this progressive awakening to our true self “deification” or “divinization” (as opposed to divination). Not that we dissolve into God and lose ourselves. We become fully ourselves in the Divine Collective, if you will. Our uniqueness as an individual becomes a particular manifestation of sonship in Christ in God. Just like The Father is not Jesus, the Spirit is not the Father…yet they are One. Pretty mind-blowing…yeah, crazy.

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  2. This journey we are on . .it is amazing. . I wouldn’t leave it. . I can’t leave it. How beautiful to also realize that it is the journey of no distance at all. We are all already home. We are just waking up to see what has always been true! I guess you can call me crazy too!

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    1. Thanks Sas. Already home…that is exactly what it “feels” like when we embrace the truth of our oneness. I read in the Jeshua Letters something that really hit me and I saw it for the first time. We are all living the same life! We are all sharing in the same life. In our divine life we are one with all the other “lives.” I don’t know if that makes sense but it did for me. It is now one of those things I just know even though words can’t cut it.


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