Never alone

Our perspectives can be skewed by our experience.  Have you ever been in the middle of something and saw it one way to wake up at a later time and see it another way?  I have a ton of those kinds of stories.

I was often sad as a kid.  I felt very alone.  I had few friends, a broken family, lots of adult responsibilities and really no one to talk to, not an adult anyway.  So I coped like most kids do by finding my sanctuary.  Mine was being alone, usually outside.

I used to split firewood as a distraction.  I loved the moments in the cool air, working up a sweat as I split yet another log.  I cherished the sound of metal on metal as I pounded those wedges through those stubborn Oak logs.  It was satisfying to see logs split and stacked neatly together.  Still I was very alone.  I often cried while wrestling with the maul, but you couldn’t tell since I was sweating.  Those were happy-sad moments.  Aloneness was my friend.

On my journey to discovery, I sought God and His love.  I had heard He loved us but He was a stranger to me, or so I thought.  I would spend time in quiet, alone again, and seek His face.  I didn’t know how He might reveal Himself but I had to know His love.  Back then I believed His love was His emotion which was just one of many.  I was raised to believe that God was a person that could be angry or happy based on how good or bad I was.

Then in these quite moments I began to see something I didn’t expect.  I found a love that wasn’t an emotion but a presence, a truth, a reality.

On one occasion I revisited one of my wood splitting escapes.  I wondered why I might remember such a day and I relieved all the emotion of that day.  I could see myself there with the maul pounding away, sad, grieved and lonely.  Then in this “vision” I turned to look behind me.  There was a man of sorts.  I couldn’t see Him as much as I knew He was there.  I was certain it was Jesus or God or whatever the divine presence might be called.

In that relived experience I saw something differently than I remembered in the moment.  I wasn’t alone at all.  I knew then, in the deepest part of me, that I had never been alone.  I cried again there in my quiet place as I understood what love was.  Love was God.  Love was His presence.  Love was His person.  Love was His acceptance of me.  I found a peace I didn’t think was possible.  I was free for the first time knowing God is love and that love is always with me.

Now I see clearly that not only is divine love with me but it is the very essence that sustains me.  More than that, this divine love is me, the real me.  My true identity is not my ego, or my physical worldly perspective, but my oneness with the divine.  I am the manifestation of other-centered love on the Earth and beyond.  I am bigger than my circumstance and my experience.  I am bigger than my perspective.  I am a finger on an infinite hand and a wave on an infinite ocean.  I am oneness and I am the expression of “I am.”  How could I ever feel alone again?

So I am on a quest to share that truth with others.  I am on a mission to reveal our oneness.  I am on a journey to discover our divine nature in its purest form and expression.  I am of the I am and need never fear an ego illusion of separation again.  We are never alone.  We are one.

To accomplish that mission I have to help us all see that this truth is self-evident.  Our oneness is the eternal truth.  In our ego-centric illusion we are certain of the opposite.  Much of that comes from what we have been taught.  But even in what we have been taught we can find this truth.  Let me share an example.

In the Christian Bible there is a book called Romans where an enlightened man named Paul tried to describe this very truth.  Over the centuries we have lost the truth in this wonderful book by imposing religious perspectives that are nothing more than ego illusions.  I hope you can see this truth in this passage.  To help us see I have substituted some words.  Here are the substitutions.

Christ-Oneness: I get this from Christ is the anointed or the atonement.  Anointed is handpicked but was symbolize by pouring oil on the selected one.  The oneness of the oil and the body is the image.  Atonement can mean at-one-ment and is self-explanatory.

Jesus-Truth:  Jesus said he was the way and the truth and the life.  He is the truth because He is what a perfect human looks like.  His perfection was in His revelation of “I and the Father are one.”  He knew who He was as one with God.

Law-principle:  Law can mean many things but in this passage it could mean rules or principles.

Sin-separation lie:  Sin is the lie of separation or the lack of divine love.  Since divine love is God, then missing divine love is missing God and therefore the separation lie since we cannot be separate from God.

Flesh-ego:  The ego-centric self creates the illusion of separation because it believes it is an automaton and separate from everything.  The ego-self is not the true self.  We are much more than our bodies and as a spirit our bodies are a tool to experience this physical reality.  Our spirit is one with the Holy Spirit or one with God.

Death-illusion:  Death is the great illusion.  Our bodies may die but our true self is immortal.  We are eternal beings that never die.

God-divine love:  God is love.  God is not a person but is personal. God is all consciousness and knows all things and is all things and holds all things together.  Love is the essence of that expression.

So with those substitutions, check out this passage:

There is therefore now no self-guilt for those who are in truth of oneness. For the principle of the spirit of life has set you free in the truth of oneness from the principle of the separation lie and illusion. For the divine love has done what the principle, weakened by the ego, could not do. By sending his own Son in the likeness of the separation-lie-filled-ego and for the separation lie, he judged wrong the separation lie in the ego, in order that the right relationship requirement of the divine love principle might be fulfilled in us, who walk not according to the ego but according to the spirit.  For those who live according to the ego set their minds on the things of the ego, but those who live according to the spirit set their minds on the things of the spirit.  Setting the mind on the ego is illusion, but to set the mind on the spirit is to find life and peace.  For the mind that is set on the ego is hostile to the divine love, for it does not submit to the divine love’s principle; indeed, it cannot. Those who are in the ego cannot serve the divine love.

You, however, are not identified by the ego but within the spirit, if in fact the spirit of the divine love is comfortably at home in you. Anyone who does not echo the spirit of oneness is not the “I am” of him. But if oneness is within you, although the body is lifeless because of the separation lie, the spirit is life for the sake of right relationship-ness.  If the spirit of him who raised truth from the dead dwells in you, he who raised oneness truth from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his spirit who dwells in you.

I hope you enjoyed that little journey of enlightenment.  Even in the text of a book that has been used to declare separation from God (when used in the ego-centric way) we can find our oneness written on the pages.  Isn’t that beautiful?

We are love.  We are waking up to that truth.  We woke up in this physical reality on a journey of discovery.  We get to find ourselves and in doing that we find God.  He was never anywhere else.  We have never been alone.

Yay God!



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