Uniqueness is oneness

We all know that each of us has a unique finger print.  No two people have the same retinal patterns.  We all have individuality, unique personalities.  No two people are alike.  Even identical twins have uniqueness.  If we look around we see the same thing in all of creation.  There aren’t two things that are the same.  Dogs have uniqueness.  I bet even fish have uniqueness.  Trees, grass, rocks, mountains, clouds, stars, galaxies, yeah they are all unique.

We believe our uniqueness is evidence that we (what we think we are) are the highest system.  In our bodies we have cells like liver cells and systems like the nervous system.  A liver cell is unique to the liver but in a greater system I call me.  My nervous system is a system of cells and other stuff that bubble up to be the nervous system which is a system within a system I call me.  We understand that relationship because we can observe it.  Our minds process the information, collect data and draw a conclusion.  We actually believe we are the highest system in our individuality.

Flowers have uniqueness.  Each flower has its own characteristics.  But the flower is a part of the plant, right?  So really the flower is a unique expression of the plant.  So is the plant the highest system?  I mean could the plant exist just as a plant?  No, of course the plant needs the ecosystem around it.  It needs the air and water and nutrients of the environment.  So the higher system for the flower kingdom would be the ecosystem.  But is that the highest system?  The ecosystem needs a geographic region and the weather and a planet and a sun and a galaxy and so on.  I think you get the picture.  The plant isn’t an individual but it is interdividual.  It is unique to itself and other plants but it is interconnected to the rest.

We can see that clearly for the flower picture but when it comes to humans we think differently.  We live in an illusion of separation.  This is the fall.

When we chose the fallacy of independence we created separation in our minds.  When we chose the good-bad, or judgment and rules and data and observation and individuality, we fell into an illusion of separation.  We took the bait of our own creation and swallowed deeply.  We embraced the lie that we are singular entities in a world of singular entities.  We believe that each system is independent of the other systems.  Newton had a lot to do with that kind of thinking.

Let me suggest that our uniqueness is EVIDENCE of our oneness.  A finger can’t be a toe and a tongue can’t be an eyelash.  We are a part of a bigger system.  This system is God.  The system over and above all systems is the infinite divine.  What we call God is the “body” of us all.  The galaxies and stars and planets and people and fish are part of that highest system.

More than that, as humans we are uniquely adapted to perceive the system.  At the deepest part of us is the divine source that actually powers our unique system.  This power we call God.  It is love.  All of these lower systems are held together and powered by the divine power of love.  Like the electric impulses in our own systems that come from a higher system, love is the energy that manifests as us.  We think we are independent and individual but we are actually interdividual, a part of a bigger system.

In my last post I presented various ways to see our oneness.  Like a wave on an ocean, our consciousness is part of the infinite consciousness of God.  Made of the same stuff.  Forever connected.  Of the same essence and substance.  A manifestation of the divine ocean that becomes us.

Jesus came to reveal our oneness.  He showed how religion based on separation is a lie.  He revealed what it looks like to be enlightened or to wake up from the dream.  We are all born into this dream.  We tend to know our connection as a child and then we are programmed to believe we are independent.  Our ego-centric self is born (or what I call Lena in these posts) and she is the chameleon of adaptation.  She will become whatever it is she needs to be to get the good and avoid the bad.  Her closest friend is Judy.  Judy is the judge, the guilt mechanism that drives us in our own hypocrisy to hide from the divine source of life itself.  Check out LJT.

When we are free of our false-self, we can find our true self.  When we die to our ego-centric self that only knows a world of separation, we can find our Trudy, our true self that is God as us.  Then we know our connection.  We know our oneness.  We know our interdividuality.

When we see our oneness, we are seeing with the eyes of Christ or the eyes of oneness revelation.  The Christ is the revelation of our oneness and the at-one-ment of our awakening and the atonement or enlightened moment of our true self.  When we walk in the revelation of our oneness, we are walking in the Christ.  The Christian Bible actually has an entire chapter dedicated to this discussion.  Let me share just a few verses from the Mirror Bible:

For in one spirit we are all immersed into one body; Jew and Gentile alike, whether we were slave or free is no longer relevant, we are all saturated in one spirit. We are drinking from the same fountain.  The individual member and its function do not define the body; the body gives context to the individual member. Your specific gifting does not define you; Christ (the oneness revelation as revealed in Jesus) defines you!…Because of the delicate interdependence of the various parts of the body it is natural that no schism can be tolerated; instead every member considers the other with affectionate care. (Amplification mine)

Our uniqueness is the evidence of our oneness.  We are all part of the whole.  Now you can see why loving your neighbor as yourself is loving yourself.  You can see why forgiving your enemy is forgiving yourself.  You can see why giving a cup of water to “one of these” is giving a cup of water to yourself.  You give your coat, it is for you.  You go the extra mile, it is for you.  You love another, you love yourself….and you love God.  When we love each other we are loving God because He is us.  When we love God, we are loving each other because we are Him.  Like 7 billion fingers on an infinite hand, we are mysteriously connected.

When a finger tries to be an independent body, the whole hand suffers.  This is why we have “evil” or worry or anger or violence or…  Our insistence on the lie of separation is a part of the body fighting against the rest of the body.  In medical terms it is a cancer.  It is trying to destroy the neighboring cells.

When we embrace our oneness, everything will change.  When we see that we are the divine manifestation of love in this physical reality and are still a part of the greater whole, all of mankind and the universe will find peace.  To fight against the truth is turmoil and unrest (the definition of evil).

So find your true self.  Let the ego go.  You don’t lose yourself, you find yourself.  You don’t lose your uniqueness, you find how it fits into the body…how you fit into God.

Yay God!


One thought on “Uniqueness is oneness

  1. Amen. Actually, quantum science has proven this. Everything in the universe is connected, yet each element remains distinct. In fact, at the quantum level, we are all interconnected, yet nothing ever touches! (We are 99.99999% space!). Of course, what connects us is Christ who hold it all together.
    It will be nice when every person who calls him or herself a Christian laughs when they hear absurd things, like we’re not all one, being said.
    Blessings, bro.


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