Do you SEE me?

I and the Father are one…Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me (Jesus)

The lie of separation is why Jesus came.  We humans believed we were separate from the divine.  In this separation mindset we built societal structures, mythologies, religions, philosophies and more that assumed God was somewhere else and we were independent, automatons.  Jesus came to awaken us to the truth.

Jesus said whoever sees Him sees the Father.  I believe that statement can be understood differently depending on our paradigm.  For the people of the day, religion was a sacrificial system to appease an angry sky-God.  Over the previous centuries humankind had developed religious systems to influence their deities so they might receive a blessing.  So when Jesus says we can see God in Him, He could be saying “that sky-God image is wrong.”  His love expressed in His willingness to die at the hands of angry humanity was proof that an angry God image isn’t real.

There is another way to understand what Jesus was trying to tell us.  To be free from religion, we need to see that God isn’t angry and manipulative.  We also need to see that God isn’t somewhere else.  When Jesus says He is in God and God is in Him, that means they are one, literally there is no separation.  This is important because we need to see God is in all of us and holds all things together.  The Bible says that too.

And then there is this:

And whoever sees me sees him who sent me…Whoever has seen me has seen the Father (Jesus)

What if “seeing” is the operative word?  What if Jesus is telling us something more about “seeing” and less about “what we see.”  Jesus talked a lot about the blind and bringing sight.  He said the religious didn’t see.  I think there is something very profound here to “see.”

Jesus was the “perfect” human.  He never doubted who He was.  He saw Himself as a divine manifestation on the earth.  He called Himself the Son of God.  He “saw” Himself perfectly.  And He saw others perfectly.  When I say perfectly, I mean in Love.  The perfect is Love.  Jesus was that Love.   Can we “see” in Love?  What might happen if we did?

In the lie of separation we categorize most everything into the good and bad lists.  Superstitiously derived religion tries to manipulate people to doing lots of things to make sure they are living from the good list.  This is so they can then manipulate their deity to get blessings because they are on the good list.  All of that listing results in judgment and guilt and condemnation and comparison and rejection and so so much more.

Love, divine Love, the Love that is God, does not judge, ever.  Divine Love lets fallen humans kill that Love on a cross.  Divine Love lets us be who we think we are so that we can discover who we really are.  Divine Love lets us all off the hook so that we are free to discover that we are from Love.  Divine Love sets us free to find our identity as a divine manifestation of God on the earth.  Divine Love lets us make huge mistakes and messes and wrong turns to eventually discover we are actually divine, like Jesus.

And there it is.  Seeing, really seeing another is seeing the divine.  I believe this is what Jesus was trying to show us.  He even said that we will discover that He is in the Father and we are in Him and He is in us.  That means we are one to the point that there is on space whatsoever.  It is another way of saying we are the divine in a tiny package, like Jesus.

Why do I go on about this?  If we could see others completely free of judgment and comparison and condemnation and guilt and all those separation derived, fallen-nature characteristics, we would be free to really see the real person in the other.  We could move past our ego-centric selves or our false-selves and see our true selves in each other.  Then we are seeing the divine.  We are seeing Love.  We are seeing that we are all Love.

Then we are Loving.

Jesus said if we love Him we will cherish what He had to say.  Loving Him is Seeing Him.  Divine Love is without judgment.  That is seeing and that is Loving.  Can’t you “see” that the world would be a very special place if we could see the divine in each other?  Can’t you “see” that Loving each other like Jesus loved produce Love in each other?

I think “seeing” is exactly what Jesus was trying to tell us.  If we can let go of our judgment in other-centered Love, we will see the other.  When we really “see” the other we “see” God looking back.  When we “see” God looking back we “see” ourselves.

If you had known me, you would have known my Father also. From now on you do know him and have seen him. (Jesus)

Do you SEE me?  I want to SEE you.  Imagine what might happen then.

Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do (Jesus)

Yay God!


5 thoughts on “Do you SEE me?

  1. “So when Jesus says we can see God in Him, He could be saying “that sky-God image is wrong.”

    Amen Lance.
    What you’re saying here is exactly what Jesus came to deconstruct…our “sky-god” religious paradigm. The Old Testament was a testament of what it looks like when God covenants with people who don’t know Him! They still saw Him like Adam…distant and angry. Jesus came to give us new glasses! And these are “Jesus-vision” glasses…seeing out through His eyes and His life! As you said, this is the only way we can truly see each other rightly. Keep preaching it, bro. Maybe we’ll finally get it! 🙂

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