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Resting in the present moment…Cristen style. I love it!

We are natural-born creators, the architects of our lives and the sculptors of our shared reality.  We’re born into this realm with a personal toolkit that allows us to alter our world from the inside out.

In this toolkit we have a physical body that can build, a mind with which to invent, and a spirit that can energize anything we craft.  We hold the power of creation, and this life is our sacred opportunity to learn how to mindfully wield that power.

As a species, we have used our creative powers to improve most everything about how we live our lives.  We have become healthier, happier, and more productive; we’ve lengthened our lives and freed up our time – but improving some things can cause as many problems as it’s meant to solve.

When we make our lives too comfortable, we can easily become intolerant of discomfort.  We end…

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