Our goodness or badness doesn’t determine our destiny. Our surrender to our divine nature as children of God determines our reality. Our destiny is not a destination and is not a future location but it is a revelation of God’s eternal plan.

Fancy deep thinker words but let me be less obtuse.

We are God’s children, each and every one of us. We all have been, or will be, presented with that reality. When we “see” Jesus in this life through the Holy Spirit or we see Him face to face in the next life, we will see who we were intended to be and who we already are, children of God. When we accept that reality as our identity, we see the Kingdom of Heaven as our home. When we reject our identity we live in a dream world that is often a hell to us.

When we embrace our inherent nature and character as a child of God we see the Kingdom of Heaven come to earth. When we reject the character and nature of a child of God we are reaping and sowing as the world does and it can be hell.

When we see God on a cross as total forgiveness, complete nonviolence, absolute acceptance, unearthly assurance, unconditional love and divine humility in death…Then we see our Father. Like a lost child in a crowd, one glimpse of our Dad and we come running to Him as He comes running to us. Our smelly pig-pen persona has no bearing on the impending intimacy. Our previous rebellion is chaff in the wind while embracing our Abba. Our doubts and fears and apprehension and delusions and shame are swallowed up and completely consumed by the fiery love of our Father. Our brokenness and false identity and rejection and orphaned spirit evaporate in the power of truth’ s embrace.

We come home and we remember. We step into our destiny knowing we’ve always belonged. Thoughts and memories, truth and lies bubble up into our consciousness like an amnesia patient recognizing some vague object as holding a deeper meaning. We find ourselves in conversations with our Papa talking about eternal scenes as if they were memories forgotten. We awake to a brilliant and vibrant life like the coma patient with their loved one just coming into focus and the gasps of the observers witnessing a miracle.

This is why I write these posts.  I want us all to “see” and “hear” and (as the book says) “know the Lord is good.”  This is why I wrote the posts about why the cross and the inside job.  If we can embrace what Jesus has done to us and for us without our permission or input or agreement or vote…then we can run into our Abba’s arms.  If we can realize that no matter how “bad” we think we are, Jesus is right there in our “badness” working it all out.  If we can just trust in God we can find our Father and come home to our identity as His children.  It really is that simple.

Religion and disappointment have driven us from our Papa’s intimate embrace.  We sit in churches (not all of them) and we are reminded of our nastiness and God’s disappointment.  The tragedy is that kind of thinking and teaching is the OPPOSITE of what God intended.  Jesus came so we would swim in the good news of “we can stop it with our lists” and know that He has forgiven us and forgotten our junk and embraced us as His kids.  Why do the pew population promulgators want to invest in the infestation of wretched roaches when we are glorious children of God?  Why would we reject the truth to agree with the voice of the accuser “did God really say?”  Yes He really did say…I LOVE YOU with no strings attached.

We look around us and we are disappointed.  We see the world that seems to be spiraling in the wrong direction and assume “God has left us” or “we must have really screwed up” or “He doesn’t care” when He cares so much He lets us kill Him.  We think because we inhabit a space called the cosmos where His “will” may not be (and often isn’t) done, then God has given up on us.  We create theologies and doctrines and more religions to make us feel better and “understand” something that is by design operating in accordance with the plan.  We aren’t supposed to understand it.  That is why we have the word mystery.  Since we live in a reality where His will may not be done we can experience the ecstatic joy of choosing and discovering His love.  We get to operate as His children without manipulation or control.  We get to live in and through opportunities that are only possible in a world where chance plays as much a role as destiny.

It is a giant bowl of stuff happens soup, no doubt.  Religion has us running through nightmare mazes and fallen-human wisdom has us creating new mazes.  We can wake up from that dream you know.  We can fall into the arms of our Father and come alive to live. We can embrace the truth of His acceptance of us and find peace in all our circumstance.  We can hug our Papa with our arms of doubts and fears to find His arms strong and certain.  We can know and experience His unearthly assurance and our eyes will open to a new reality that is as ancient as the Creator.  We can awaken to our Abba’s love and stop trying to climb a ladder or invest in a future or pave a way to a destination.  All of that is wrong perspectives of a certain destiny that He has already provided for.  We get to live from His life and consume the hope of our complete revelation as His children.  That is who we are.  Knowing that is our awakening.

Yay God!


One thought on “Awakening

  1. The last line sums it up well, “We get to live from His life and consume the hope of our complete revelation as His children. That is who we are. Knowing that is our awakening.”

    It’s so good to be finally waking up and coming alive. 🙂


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