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Who me, really, are you sure?

Yeah you! At the center of this journey is the discovery of who we are and who God is and how it all fits together.  Of course there are the legacies we leave and the lives we touch.  There are the relationships we build and the impacts we have on others.  There are the interactions between…

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Our goodness or badness doesn’t determine our destiny. Our surrender to our divine nature as children of God determines our reality. Our destiny is not a destination and is not a future location but it is a revelation of God’s eternal plan. Fancy deep thinker words but let me be less obtuse. We are God’s…

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Upside down thinking – part 2

Is it possible that God’s approach and view and understanding of all things is so different from ours that the incarnation is less about a “delusion derived chasm crossing” than it is about a “revolutionary way of thinking?” When we see the relational beauty of the Trinity, a God emerges that we thought was the stuff of fiction and…

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