The Loop

Even after a deep and profound awakening experience, the loop resumes, as it must. That is life. The waves go in and out. The cycles of life, birth, and death, happiness, and sadness come and go. Life is our essence manifest. That is what it is to be wet water. It is a loop by nature. It is the cycling of experience, another lap on the track. But for the seeker, it can be frustrating, stuck in a loop with no way out, no way to stop, no finish line.


The great paradox is when you see what you really are, fear evaporates. The dream is seen for what it is, insubstantial and illusory but beautiful and miraculous. The answer to "what am I?" is unanswerable for the mind, but a direct experience of spacious awareness, is freedom. Go ahead and take a look. Try an experiment and discover the selflessness of awareness and the illusory self. Let the egoic fear of a no-self evaporate in the experience of your true self.


The most enlightened, realized, fully awake person on the planet still has to discover what life is like from a radically new perspective.  In an absolute, non-dual sense, all our answers are found in what we are, which is everything there is.  Sometimes we need a little help seeing past our conditioned limitations.  The recognition of headlessness, what is at zero, space for the world was a powerful, mind-altering revelation.  I hope it does the same for you.  Your first reaction may be, "so what?" but don't let that frustrate you into not looking again.  It may take a while to unravel what you have worked so hard to construct.