Brilliance of Stillness

It’s not what I see or how I see but that I see.

In this stillness that is aware, everything appears, and I am aware of it. There is an I that knows how and why and what, but what sees I is a conscious still space that is aware that there is awareness of an I. In this stillness arises every manner of every thing, object, subject, observation, emotion, feeling, experience, desire, me, not me…even my sense of existence. How is it I know I exist at all other than the still awareness that knows existence? How do I know presence other than the stillness that sees presence arise and come into existence? Everything is known in this awareness, even that there is awareness. This vivid moment of awareness, aware of awareness, is the brilliance of stillness, so subtle, most often ignored, but as evident as the wetness of water. This is what we are, this brilliance of stillness. Nothing precedes awareness. Everything arises from within awareness. Even space and time emerge from within awareness. All is known from brilliant, still awareness.

This kind of insight can come in a flash, remain clear for only a microsecond, or persist for weeks (for some, like Ramana Maharshi, for years). Performing the headless experiments can position you for such a flash. It may even provoke an insight, but like every awakening experience, it can’t be summoned at will, always seems random, is never certain, and happens only through a mysterious divine grace. But when it happens, and be confident it will, in its own time, there is no more doubt or uncertainty, and only perfect vivid clarity remains. The felt/emotional experience (if there is one) will pass with time, but the vividness remains even if overlooked or forgotten in the moment. What is seen can’t be unseen and is forever you.

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