The way of life

Life reveals contrast.  Life brings us conflict.  Life can be a struggle that we resist or an eternal life we live.  We can flow with the river or be a rock eroded over time.  Life is like our body when it is trying fight a virus, there is an internal struggle, a war really, that is taking place to bring harmony back to the body.  The way of life is as it is so that consciousness can experience perceived separateness to know oneness.  When we are presented with opportunities to flow with life we get to choose which path we will take.  The path of resistance is struggle but eventually leads to surrender.  Life can be a fire that burns away what is temporal, revealing what is eternal.  The path of eternal life is living as a human form in harmony with life to enjoy the miracle of life.  As eternal consciousness, we manifested as form to experience the formless.

Have you ever been falsely accused?  Have you ever felt a moment of panic when your perceived control of circumstance is abruptly challenged or taken away?  It happens all the time.  Our response will either harden us and drive us further into the illusion of an egoic self, or it will move us closer to the reality of what we are.  We can use every challenge as an opportunity to wake up and shake off the dream or we can go deeper into the dream.

We encounter these opportunities every day.  We are in a hurry to get to work on time and we catch every red light on our transit.  We find ourselves in traffic and there is no way out.  The soda machine takes our money and we can’t get a drink and it was our last dollar.  We really want the lunch special at the café, but they just ran out.  We did our best on a presentation for the boss and he sends us back to the drawing board.  We come home from work expecting a peaceful, loving, relaxing evening and the kids are fighting and the cat puked on the couch and the toilet won’t flush and there is another bill that needs to be paid.way of life

How do we handle these situations?  What is truth?  Circumstance is what it is.  We can second guess and wish it would be different.  We can over-analyze.  We can think “If I had just done things differently I would have a different result.”  We can worry about what will happen next and go into control mode trying to manipulate the future.  We can live in the past or the future instead of accepting the present moment for what it is.

Yes we have choices even in the present moment.  It begins with accepting the present moment and then, from awareness and spaciousness, we can access eternal wisdom for the present moment.  We can do nothing or we can do something from a place of no resistance.  We can operate from a place with no expectation of outcome, or we can resist and worry and struggle.  When we operate as the true self, we are soft and transparent and genuine.  We are re-conditioning our form, our body/mind reactions, to be aligned with our true nature.  If we resist, we are strengthening the ego.  If we worry we are living outside the present moment.  If we criticize, we are living in the past.  Acceptance (unconditional acceptance of all things, what Jesus calls love) awakens us from the dream.  Resistance (what Jesus calls hate) takes us deeper into the illusion.

When we are living in resistance we are trying to create a more solid form, a more dense illusory identity.  When we resist we are projecting something we want others to see instead of just being what we are.  We are trying to be a person and not the form that should be a tool of the formless.

Interestingly the word person comes from the Greek word for mask.  In Greek theater, the actors wore masks that were a projection of their character, their intended pretense.  In the play it was critical to portray the character in a convincing manner so that the audience would get lost in the story.  The more we resist life, the more we are hardening our mask, the more we are manifesting the character and have lost sight of the truth that we are the actor behind the mask.

When we are living as the person, we are creating a name, a persona that gives us a false sense of security.  We think we are protected.  We think we can control our circumstance because we can project enough to convince others of our pretend person.  It happens in many ways.  Some projections we might label as good and some as bad.  Labels are relative but the underpinning is the same.  We want our mask so that we can control life.  Life can’t be controlled.  Life is life.  True life is living.  Illusory life is a false sense of control.

The way of life is LIFE molding and transforming and providing opportunities to wake up.  It is the natural progression of consciousness. The meaning of life is living.  Whether we resist and grow hard or accept and become transparent, the way of life gives us all what we need for the transformation.

Yay God!


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