It Gazes Back

Cristen is so inspiring dont you agree?

I know how it feels to look at the world and see it struggle, and I understand what it means to touch the earth and feel her pain.  I too have trembled at the sight of the weapons and wars, the hunger, the hurt, the fear, and the frenzy.

I know what it’s like to turn on the news and find the dark face of despair staring back at me, and at times I’ve had to paddle wildly to avoid drowning in his gaze.

But I also know what promise looks like when it graces the morning sky with golden light, and I’ve beheld the beauty of a fresh bloom in the rain.

I’ve seen hope rise up like a spring from a once barren soul; and I’ve watched as newfound courage devoured the darkest of fears.

There’s no denying that this world is made of both shadow and light…

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