The Still Waters of Waiting Potential

Wonderful! Limitless and boundless in an eternal present moment.

The Still Pond of Waiting Potential

This day – this very moment, in fact – is a still, deep body of water that stretches out before us.  It’s an endless expanse of potential within which a single splash could ripple forever outwards, touching countless lives as it travels.

Yesterday and tomorrow are nothing more than reflections across the surface of this water.  They appear real enough and yet they are but an illusion that quickly dissipates when we touch the surface; the reflections of the past and the projections of the future fade away in favor of the ultimate reality of Now.

When we become lost in these reflections, focused on what was and what may be, we leave today’s potential untouched.  As we gaze upon the surface, we create no ripple and we alter no lives, not even our own.  Upon still, untouched waters, the reflections begin to seem more real, pulling us always deeper into the past and…

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