LJT and judgment

Jesus understood fallen human judgment was a bad thing.  Judgment is divisive and exclusive and can be very condemning.  In the hands of illusionary separation religion, judgment is deadly.  Jesus said He came to save the world not judge it or condemn it.

“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.  Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.” (Jesus)

If you look at the language and intent of what Jesus was saying, there is another way to translate some of these words.  Check out this transliteration:

Indeed God commissioned His likeness within the world not to separate it but to make it whole through the revelation of Him in the world.  Whoever believes in oneness is not separated but whoever doesn’t believe in oneness is living the lie of separation because they don’t believe in the unity of man and God as Jesus revealed.  LLT

This begs the question. then what is the judgment that Jesus talks about in other conversations?  Here is an example:

“If anyone hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world.  The one who rejects me and does not receive my words has a judge; the word that I have spoken will judge him on the last day.” (Jesus)

Jesus came to reveal our union.  He came to reveal the true nature of God who is one with us.  We are God’s manifestation on the Earth just like Jesus.  We can say, like Jesus, that “I and the Father are one.”  This is our identity.  This is the good news of Jesus.  We are not separate from God and have never been separate from God.  We are the divine oneness that is our innermost being.  Separatist religion and mythology and superstition and Greek cosmology inflamed our fallen misunderstanding regarding separation.  In our logical minds we assumed we were automatons walking the planet but in reality we are ineffably one with the divine.  This was the revelation of Jesus.

When we agree with and pursue this truth, we are transformed in our thinking.  When we see our divine union with Love, we become that love.  When we stop judging, we can start loving.  When we stop condemning, we can start affirming.  When we stop living a false reality of separation, we can come to know what a life of union can produce.  We are set free to love and be love and never again reject anyone for any reason.

When  we don’t love, when in the fallacy of separation, we are actually living a false reality.

In previous posts I have used three characters to describe how all this comes together.  Check out this tab.  Trudy is our true self.  She is our divine center.  Lena is the way we interact with the world.  She can be completely pretend when she believes she is separate from the divine.  This false Lena is the unreality that Trudy loves into wholeness.  Judy is the voice of discernment that becomes the voice of judgment and condemnation when she believes in the lie of separation.  Trudy loves Judy back into oneness and constructive discernment.

When Jesus talks about judgment He is sharing His divine wisdom.  Our Trudy is our true self.  While there is a world to live in, there will be a Judy and a Lena.  If Judy and Lean are living the unreality of a separation, they are at odds with the divine nature of the divine reality.  When false Lena is not whole and living independent, she isn’t real, she is fake and pretend and a chameleon.  This Lena will crash.  God’s will is that we will come to know ourselves and in doing that come to know Him.  We are Him looking at Himself.  We must come to realize the reality of our true self.  This is why our false Lena is hurt and frustrated and wrecking all over the place.  Like the prodigal son, our false Lena will often find the pig pen before finding her true self in Trudy.

That is what Jesus was telling us in those judgment passages.  He was trying to help us avoid the pig pen and embrace the truth.  He even said that if we would only know the truth, it would set us free indeed.  Our true self with a healthy Lena and Judy and loving Trudy, knows that judgment of another is not OK.  Our healthy self knows that loving others  is loving our self.  Our complete self knows that love is the power to create.  Our Jesus self is living from the kingdom and is what the kingdom looks like in the midst of unreality.

Our false self will come to an end.  It might be when we literally die but it can be when we believe in what Jesus has revealed to us.  His judgment is nothing more than reality confronting unreality.  His judgment is our freedom to be who we are.  We can continue to live in the false assumption of separation and the façade of a false Lena and the condemnation of a lost Judy, or we can embrace the truth of our oneness and live an eternal truth embraced by the love of our Trudy.

Can you see how our LJT picture helps to uncover the wisdom that Jesus came to share with us?  Can you see that judgment is just what happens when we try so hard to live in a false reality?  Can you see that living as love is completely free of judgment given or received?  It is time to embrace our divine union and live as one in wholeness.

Yay God!




One thought on “LJT and judgment

  1. Amen. We’re on the same page here. Separation is a shared hallucination from eating from the wrong tree. It’s the myth of fallen man. And, unfortunately, it found it’s way into Christianity. It’s the source of all “us vs. them” isms, and every other contention in the world.
    You said it all here…
    “Our false self will come to an end. It might be when we literally die but it can be when we believe in what Jesus has revealed to us.” Yes!!! May we all see what Jesus did and wake up from the Matrix. 🙂

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