Phil 2:13 [Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight. (AMP)

Heb 13:21 Strengthen (complete, perfect) and make you what you ought to be and equip you with everything good that you may carry out His will; [while He Himself] works in you and accomplishes that which is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ (the Messiah); to Whom be the glory forever and ever (to the ages of the ages). Amen (so be it).

When we “dream” is God showing us His desires which are our desires?   I’ve always had this idea that I would write a book (or books).  Obviously I write a blog that you are reading.  Still is there something else.  Well here is an idea that has been bouncing around in my noggin for a while.  Comments are welcome.  Call this an intro to a book or something like that.

Jesus wasn’t limited by human thinking. He was a transplant of Freetosia. Everything He did was as an ambassador of free nation.  In order to maintain dual citizenship, He was born of a mother from this country, Boxlandia, and His country Freetosia.  When we are born again we are the same, dual citizens.

The difference between these kingdoms is profound.  In Boxlandia everything is governed by laws and rules.  The very nature of the world (as seen by Boxlandians) is determined through careful observation of cause and effect.  The forces that move and create and change are proportional to the distance traveled and the speed of transformation.  Since all the laws of Boxlandia are governed by this type of thinking and observation, there are no possibilities entertained outside observation.  When expressions and formulas don’t add up, the infinite equalizer of “time” is applied.  Instantaneous isn’t possible but eons are.  In Boxlandia understanding terms like “eternity” are only possible when they are conformed to something manageable like “billions of years” because it is measurable, or “the next life” because we can’t see it.  This type of filter is used for any concept that might be outside of observation.  There are many concepts that enter into the contemplative stew of the Boxlandians but often they are rejected for lack of evidence and considered heresy by the wisdom of the generation.  

Boxlandians are simple people who believe everything evolves from less to more.  Their evolutionary evidence is the obvious propagation of population and transfer of information.  They believe each generation is smarter than the last thus concluding their generation is the smartest.  This supposition of understanding influences conclusions regarding progressive thinking.  What the men of old used to think was obviously inferior to this age of wisdom so concluding the inability of the ancients to perceive their own ignorance.  Said a different way…the ancients were stupid, backwards and bound by superstition.  This kind of wisdom drives all Boxlandians deeper into the realm of observation and evidence-based indisputable facts.  Everything must be proved or it is inadmissible in a debate.  The typical Boxlandian position states “I am right unless you can prove me wrong which of course is not possible unless we debate from a mutually recognized credible resource of proven factual information that bridges generational understanding (with the previously mentioned assumption that past generations are not as smart as we are).”  Observations lead to theories and theories, once supported by sufficient evidence and proof, become laws that cannot be broken or challenged.  There are, on occasion, exceptions to the laws which are rendered as “opinions” based on insufficient understanding.  Once the individual with the exception is properly informed then the “exception” is found unwarranted which just puts it back into the law as originally defined. There is no room for error. This makes opinion just a lack of understanding based on an individual’s overall ignorance or general lack of observation.

As a side note:  Opinion is not encouraged.  Interpretation however is an accepted “opinion” when supported by sufficient evidentiary proof based on previous interpretations presented by accepted and endorsed individuals from previous generations (which were not as intelligent as the interpreters of today).

Boxlandia is what its name suggests.  It is a land where everything fits neatly into its own box which, of course, fits into a larger box and so on until all of the knowledge and wisdom of the Boxlandians can be contained within the borders of the collective wisdom of the masses (which of course changes from generation to generation because the previous generation was ignorant compared to the current).  Those opposed to the general wisdom principles of Boxlandia are considered either mentally unstable and possibly insane or just stupid in need of knowledge.  

Boxlandia is very efficient as a progressing society. The promulgation of factual evidence is institutionalized.  In many ways this is a good thing because the children need to be taught the facts (of which they will be tested in comprehension and retention) so they too can become the next generation of observers and evidence collectors.  I should pause here to note that young Boxlandians have the potential to become smarter than the current leaders and mentors but must prove their abilities before being given a rite of passage.  So the institutions of learning are also labs of demonstration that produce a copy of the previous generation with the potential of exceeding a current knowledge baseline.  Again Boxlandians are encouraged to pursue the truth based on observation not conjecture.  This formal training of future Boxlandian observers ensures the progression of a Boxlandian society.

Boxlandia was not always this way.  It was actually a colony of Freetosia!  Many many years ago the rulers of Freetosia sent an envoy to the planet (now under the control of Boxlandia) to claim territory for the Kingdom of Freetosia.  They were supplied with resources sufficient for the task.  They had constant communications with the homeland through personal contact.  These envoys were encouraged to avoid any contact with “box like” thinking.  They were as free as all of Freetosia and were to bring that freedom to this new world.  Then something tragic happened.  There was an inhabitant of this new world who was contending for control of this new world.  This claimant was willing to do whatever it took to make this world and its new inhabitants citizens of his kingdom.  He was prepared to deceive the envoys into a new way of thinking that wasn’t consistent with Freetosia.  Freedom would preclude the opportunity for this individual to rise in power as the ruler of this new world.  The tragedy was these envoys from Freetosia broke trust with their kingdom in pursuit of hollow promises by this rising dictator.  They consumed a poison that had no antidote.  This poison consumed their thinking, clouded their judgment and propelled them into a hopeless kingdom of Boxlandia. 

The disturbing truth of Boxlandia is the deception isn’t recognized because it exists just outside the limited Boxlandia thinking.  The envoys, now citizens of Boxlandia, don’t even know that their limited thinking, their insistence on observation and evidence, is the very thing that keeps them from seeing the actual ruler of their world.  This great deceiver has been ruling their world from the beginning and uses the Boxlandian wisdom against its people.  Generation after generation fails to see the significance of their dilemma.  Every so often a group within a generation stumbles on a possible existence of a kingdom outside their box of limitations.  Their powers of observation can’t account for circumstance that is outside of accepted evidentiary proof.  There seem to be “powers” and “influences” that are outside the forces they have measured and categorized.  Then the next generation rises up.  The institutionalized thinking prevails and the suspect group of the previous generation is seen as less informed, superstitious or just simply ignorant.  This cycle continues and builds upon itself.

Meanwhile the Kingdom of Freetosia has a plan.  Freedom will return.  Eyes will be opened.  Kingdoms will collide in a great revival of thinking.  Boxlandians will resist but in the end they will hear the distant voice of their ancestral blood and freedom heritage.  They will find a connection to a time past and step into a moment of certainty where limits are removed, thinking is unbounded, impossibilities become possible and the Boxlandian way of life is transformed.  The boxes of old, however secure they may seem, are revealed for what they really are…PRISONS.  Stay tuned for more of the story.

Yay God!


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