Faith in facts or faith in God?

In the Kingdom of God 2+2 is not always equal to 4. Kingdom math is unbalanced. There are these inequalities, incongruities and infinities lying around that mess up the equations.

I have a degree in Aerospace engineering. That makes me a rocket scientist. The funny thing about rocket science is eventually you get numbers involved and metal does get bent but there is a bunch of mathematical expressions behind it that are full of infinities. Calculus and differential equations is based on limits to infinity kind of stuff. I think it is tough to comprehend for most. The way we deal with these theoretical impossibilities it is to just make it another kind of 2+2=4. For example you learn rules on how to use infinity in a mathematical argument. If you divide by infinity you are left with zero and if you multiply by infinity you get infinity. When you are deriving expressions for lift and drag your expressions assume “freestream”conditions at infinity. Does your head hurt yet? Am I dazzling you with my academic acumen? This isn’t an aerodynamics class so what is the point?

OK, we found ways to deal with stuff bigger than our understanding which proved extremely valuable in finding answers to difficult problems. The practical outcome of all this aerodynamic theory stuff is we get to fly to grandma’s house for Christmas and go to the moon for rocks. The unexplainable, when managed properly, gives us practical stuff that we can touch. For many generations now the concept of flying is routine and all that stuff that Newton and da Vinci pondered and theorized about is just accepted as facts. We trust in the facts of the theory because we have seen it work day after day in the friendly skies.

Problems arise however when we try to manage the things of God with facts. God isn’t bound by theories and equations. He made them. God operates outside our tiny brains most of the time. When we base our faith on our facts we miss God in the process.

I was raised in a church that cherished facts. We would unravel the most intensely important theological issues that were paramount to accessing a salvation plan with heavenly destinations. For example we believed that if you wanted to get to heaven and not hell you must obey God which included all sorts of rules. There were many rules associated with worship. Worship was a requirement in the list so we wanted to get it right. We would pour over the facts sheets (the Bible) to make sure we had everything covered. To worship properly it had to be orderly and edifying and include psalms and hymns and be in spirit and truth which was a spiritual expression not of the flesh so we couldn’t use musical instruments because that would be a distraction in our flesh and lead to carnal worship which is a violation of the rules based on the facts. Whew! I didn’t include all the scripture references for time but those “facts” are in there. As a matter of “fact” when we would say “Faith” it very much meant how many facts we knew. Our measure of faith was our ability to rattle off the factual argument that proved our right understanding so there by demonstrating our desire for righteousness which is of course another axiom of the proof regarding the facts of the new covenant laws as expressed by the life of Jesus… sorry I was having flashbacks.

The solution to this endless spiral of faith in facts in found in relationship.  I started this series with a post about two gifts.  In Romans 5 Paul talks about the significance of the free gift.  In our English translations we miss the fact that Paul is talking about two gifts not just one.  If you have time check out that post and those that follow.  In summary most people understand the “dorea” gift of forgiveness of sins.  This is the gift of Jesus on the cross.  Many however don’t understand the “charisma” gift of Jesus in us.  This relationship with the Holy Spirit is supernatural, unexplainable and well outside the realm of facts.  This “union” with God is like the concept of division or multiplication by infinity.  In this relationship we can’t possibly expect to “write an equation” or “explain with theoretical expressions” the nature of God.  Our attempt to capture God in facts is fruitless and pointless.  This is what Jesus said:

John 5:37 And the Father Who sent Me has Himself testified concerning Me. Not one of you has ever given ear to His voice or seen His form (His face—what He is like). [You have always been deaf to His voice and blind to the vision of Him.]  38 And you have not His word (His thought) living in your hearts, because you do not believe and adhere to and trust in and rely on Him Whom He has sent. [That is why you do not keep His message living in you, because you do not believe in the Messenger Whom He has sent.]  39 You search and investigate and pore over the Scriptures diligently, because you suppose and trust that you have eternal life through them. And these [very Scriptures] testify about Me! (AMP)

Please don’t hear me wrong.  I love the word of God.  I quote scripture after scripture in these posts, but I don’t base my faith on facts.  I seek Him.  The Bible points to God.  The Bible tells us about relationships and covenants.  The Bible tells us about and points to Jesus.  Still it isn’t an instruction manual it is a compass.  It isn’t a list of facts to memorize it is a love letter to draw us to Him.  We must have a relationship with the Holy Spirit.  He is our teacher.  He is the Spirit of Christ.  He is our source of knowledge and wisdom and power.  We are His temple.

Anymore I really don’t like debate.  I don’t want to debate on the facts.  Instead I want to know what God is saying.  I want to know how someone is pursuing Him.  I want to hear the testimonies of how He is working in other’s lives.  I want to see the fruit of a supernatural relationship with the source of love.  I want to hear about encounters and revelations of the love of God.  I want to know how God has touched you and other people through you.  This is our purpose on planet Earth.  This is our privilege to live in relationship like Jesus with Jesus representing Jesus.  Learn your facts.  Go ahead.  They are useful to a point.  But know God.  That is eternal life.  That is your faith, not faith in facts but faith in God.

Yay God!


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