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Faith in facts or faith in God?

In the Kingdom of God 2+2 is not always equal to 4. Kingdom math is unbalanced. There are these inequalities, incongruities and infinities lying around that mess up the equations. I have a degree in Aerospace engineering. That makes me a rocket scientist. The funny thing about rocket science is eventually you get numbers involved…

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We have formulas for everything.  We can’t get up and get dressed without following some kind of formula.  We know that you put on underwear before pants.  In a previous post I discussed how in the Greek the word that would be translated formula or recipe is the same word used for the marks or…

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I think everyone knows what a formula is.  For some it is the chemical composition of a compound.  Maybe it is a recipe for a cake.  How about a conditional response like a force exerted on an object results in an equal but opposite force.  Maybe you are into orbital mechanics and everything is in ellipses. …

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