Deep calls to deep

I just wanted to share this with you.  I was thinking about how I sometimes feel my conversations with God are too simple.  I know that sounds strange, but He stays on the same subject a lot, His love for me.  I bet you think I am crazy to think that way, right?  Sometimes we are looking for breakthrough and growth in a horizontal fashion.  We can’t wait to spread out and see more ocean.  When all along God wants to take us deeper in the same spot.  There is more ocean in the vertical too.  We can be so broad and so shallow.  God lays deep foundations.  If His subject with us is the same we should be happy.  We are going deeper.  When we have found the bottom of the ocean then we can move laterally.  I bet there really isn’t a bottom.  I think that is why we have an eternal life.  There will be plenty of time to explore all the ocean of His grace.  Here is something I wrote in my journal, a conversation with Abba.

The greater capacity for carrying and knowing and experiencing God is not found in more complicated understanding but deeper revelation of the simple truths of God. For example to operate in power we need to know love because it is the greatest (faith, hope and love). So I anchor in love and search the depths of His love. Staying on the surface brings more surface but no power and no deep relationship. The intended design state is to be submerged. Snorkeling is breathing earthly air. Going deep requires His supply of oxygen. At some point you are so deep you have to change over completely to His supply. At those depths is the joy of complete dependence and surrender to Him. Shallow water allows us an opportunity to get our own air whenever we want. We can paddle along the surface and avoid the deep waters. To leave the surface requires considerable faith since there is no turning back.

Holy Spirit how do I go deeper with You?

You can’t swim to the deep. Hold on to me. I am like a huge whale that will take you down down deep to me. It is actually warmer down deep. It isn’t darker, it is lighter. The light has a different color. You will be laughing the whole way. Just close your eyes and hang on tight.

Holy Spirit how do we begin the journey?

You are in it now. You want to hang out near the surface. You look back at the surface. You want to go back and get the others on the surface to bring them deeper. Come down and get more jewels to bring back but don’t swim with them on the surface. Show them that you have been to the deep.

How do I spend more time going deeper? I want so much more of you. I would rather just get lost in you.

That is why we have eternity. I will take you deeper at the right times. I am irresistible. I understand that. I made you that way. I also made you to fight all the surface creatures that won’t let the people go deep. When we are beneath the surface drink me in deeply like you have. When we are shallow ask me where to look. Deep calls to deep but shallow feels like shallow. The water is not as pure. The filth of the world makes the water dirty. You will notice this even more as a deep-dweller. When it feels like we are in shallow water ask me what we are doing there. I prefer to have you attached to me since I know where we are going. Don’t let go and try to swim on your own. That is a bad idea. It may take you some effort to look down below the water to find me again.  Just hang on to me.

Then I searched out Deep calls to deep.  I remembered there was a Psalm but didn’t remember the details.  Check this out!

Psalm 42: Aramaic Bible in Plain English
Like a stag that bellows over the brook of waters, so also my soul bellows for you, Lord Jehovah! My soul is thirsty for you, Living God! When shall I come and see your face, oh, God? My tears have been food for me by day and by night, while they have been saying to me every day, “Where is your God?” I remembered these things and my soul was troubled, therefore I shall enter into your strong shelter, unto the house of God; many rejoice with the voice of praise and thanksgiving! Why are you troubled, my soul, and why have you perplexed me? Wait for God, because again I shall praise him, the Savior of my whole being, and my God. My soul was troubled against me, therefore I have remembered you from the land of Jordan and from Hermon and from Mount Zora. The Deep to deep calls the Voice to the voice of the waters of your fountains. All your storms and your waves passed over me. By day Lord Jehovah will command his mercies and his songs in the night; prayer is with me unto the living God. I have said to God, “Why have you forgotten me, and why do I walk sadly in distress of my enemies?” In the breaking of my bones, my enemies reproached me as they have been saying to me every day, “Where is your God?” Why have you agitated me, my soul? And why have you perplexed me? Look for God, because I shall again praise him, The Savior of my entire being, and my God.

How cool is that?  His deep calling to our deep, His desire calling to our desire, His voice calling to our request, His presence pulling our presence, His love drawing us deeper into His love.  That is amazing.  Here is another important point… see the language about our souls?  Who is in charge?  It isn’t your flesh.  The desires of your flesh have been crucified.  It is no longer you that live but Christ who lives in you.  It isn’t your soul.  Your soul is your mind, will and emotions.  They are subservient to your believing.  Notice how David tells his soul to “get in line.”  I love it!  You are a new creation.  You are from a divine origin, a Holy Spirit resurrected spirit.  You do not walk in the flesh but in the spirit if the Holy Spirit is in you.  The Holy Spirit is in you if you are a child of God.  Do you get it?  Go deeper and tell your flesh and soul to hang on!  It will be an amazing trip.

So many “Christians” want to splash around in the shallow water.  It is safe there.  You don’t have to worry about the unknown below you.  But everyone is in the shallow water.  Your splashing is no different from the unbeliever’s.  Why do we fear the deep water?  Why don’t we just dive down and find a ride to the deep?  You could hold your breath for a while, at least long enough.  Then the gentle whale comes and you climb aboard.  Down you go.  You are still holding your breath but aren’t really aware that you are.  The ride is so amazing.  The water starts to change colors.  On the surface it looks all blue and green and dark below.  But down here, in the deep, it is gold like honey or the first rays of light on a sunny morning.  It is warm here and peaceful.  The sensation of speed is lost.  The next thing you know you aren’t holding your breath any more.  You are actually breathing the “water.”  It is exhilarating.  You are at rest.  You are at peace.  But you are alive like you never knew before.  You realize that now you are in Him and He is in you.  This is life.  This is joy.  This is freedom.  All it took was a little courage, lots of trust and a willingness to leave the surface.  He took care of the rest.  Deep to deep.

Yay Jesus!


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