You are what you eat

Did you know that the devil doesn’t make or create anything? There is only one creator who is our Father in Heaven. So what does the devil do? He is a murder and a thief. He is a destroyer. He is a liar and is the father of all lies. Knowing that actually energizes me to seek more truth. If the devil can’t make anything new then hidden behind the veil of his deception is a truth. We get to seek it out. He takes truths about God and distorts them and disguises them and deforms them and…you get the idea. For example cancer is a mutation, an aberrant distortion of a normal cell. Cancer is often a result of some environmental agitation or disturbance of a normal or “as intended” environment. So the devil is to blame for cancer. If it isn’t in Heaven then the ruler of this world has taken something that God intended for good and warped it into something that is bad.

Do you know the enemy does that very thing to your thinking? He warps it, distorts it, agitates it, disturbs it, deceives it and disguises truth. This is why being born again is how we are set free from the enemy. We get to know with certainty what God has said about us is true. When He says we are a new creation, we can believe it. When He says our sinful nature has been crucified, we can believe it. When He says we are His righteousness we can jump up and down with joy!!! So I often feel compelled to expose a lie or bring forth a truth to battle this constant barrage of the enemy. Paul says we don’t fight against flesh and blood but all the stuff from the enemy. That is actually good news for us. The struggle isn’t internal but external. That means I’m not fighting with myself but learning to discern God’s truth from the enemy’s lies.

Everyone has heard the saying “you are what you eat.” I would say that is pretty much true except you aren’t really a piece of broccoli or a fish sandwich but those foods are used by your body for the basic nutrients you need to survive. When our diet is nothing but junk then our body doesn’t get what it needs. You all already know that. But what about “you are what you eat” with regard to your body, soul and spirit? Have you thought about that?

I heard a great teaching about identity where the speaker said “we become what we believe the most important person in our lives thinks we are.” For example if your spouse is the most important person in the world to you and they say you are powerful and amazing then you will likely be powerful and amazing. Usually it goes the other way however since the enemy is involved. Maybe you hear your spouse say “you are a slob and need to get a better job.” I bet the receiver of that inspiring message is really messy and will never find a better job.

In the Kingdom the most important “person” in our lives is God. So what He says and thinks about us is what we will become. It is like looking into a mirror and becoming the person you think you see. James said when we don’t know what God is saying about us and don’t believe what He said then we are like someone who looks into a mirror and forgets what he saw. So have you thought about how God sees you? Have you thought about what God thinks about you? In a spiritual sense that is our food. We get to become what we eat. There is so much wrong teaching about how God feels about us. It is from the enemy, it is deception and it is the very thing that really gets me upset. I pray one day I get to step on the devil’s head, literally. I really don’t like what he has to say especially when it is disguised as religion. So I am not going to be his billboard. Instead I am going to tell you some truths about how God sees you. If it sounds different than what you have heard before, don’t trust me, ask your Abba Father. I guarantee He will reveal His truth in Jesus!

Here is a short list of what God says about you:

He died for you, redeemed you to His intended, saved you, washed you, paid a ransom for you, justified you just as if you never sinned, restored you, killed you, raised you up, bore you, loves you, likes you, you are the joy of Jesus, you are the passion of Jesus, God does not remember your sin, your old nature has been crucified, you are a new creation, your desires of the flesh are dead/removed, you have the mind of Christ, you have the heart of God, your spirit is one with His Spirit, you are seated in heavenly places, you were formed in the womb for His good purposes, you were predestined for good works, you are holy, you are sanctified, you are righteous, you are in right relationship, you are no longer God’s enemy, your past does not define you, He is in you, He is with you, your are in Him, He understands you, He listens to you, He speaks to you, He has your best interest in mind, He cares for you, He wants a relationship with you, He is your King, He is your brother, He is your comforter, He is your councilor, He is your peace, His grace is for you, His grace is because of you, He has overcome, He made you to be like Jesus, He empowers you to be like Jesus, He has given you all the tools to do what Jesus did, He gives you gifts, He shows you how to use His gifts, He will never leave you, He will never forsake you, He speaks to us in love and never condemns us…

This is what you should see when you look into the mirror. This is what you should be feeding on:

I am a saint, a trophy of Christ’s victory
I am born again of imperishable seed
I am a new creation, complete in Christ and perfect forever
I am a child of God, the apple of my Father’s eye
I am one with the Lord and the temple of the Holy Spirit
I am eternally redeemed and completely forgiven
I am seated with Christ in heavenly places
I am righteous, holy, and blameless
I am hidden in Christ and eternally secure
I am my beloved’s and he is mine
I am the head and not the tail
I am blessed with every spiritual blessing, a joint heir with Christ
I am a competent minister of the new covenant
I am bona fide and qualified, chosen and anointed
I am his royal ambassador, a missionary to the world
I am as bold as a lion and more than a conqueror
I am the salt of the earth and the light of the world
I am the sweet smell of Jesus to those who are perishing
I am a tree planted by the water, and I am a fruitful branch
I am the disciple whom Jesus loves
And by the grace of God I am what I am

God says in three places that He wishes we would move on from milk to solid food. In each case there is something that is holding us back. In Peter God says we need to have a revelation of His goodness. In Corinthians God says we need to think with the mind of Christ. In Hebrews God says we need to learn what it means to be righteous. All of those issues address the lies of the enemy, his very attack points. Let’s move on to some solid food. Let’s leave the elementary teaching behind and move into His reality. As we move forward our solid food is His glory to glory experiences. We move from perceiving to discerning to learning to knowing to experiencing. Wouldn’t you love to have story after story about encounters with His truth, with Him? Wouldn’t you love to live from His presence? Don’t you desire such an intimate relationship that His voice drowns out the little squeaks from the enemy rats? I do. I say we change our diet and become what we eat. That would be awesome!!

Yay God!


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