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Monopoly Money

  The currency of Heaven is the power of God.  When we agree with “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” we are agreeing to the exchange of Heavenly currency.  That is what Jesus used while on Earth.  That is what we get to use as His children.  That…

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But what about Job?

People are so desperate to blame God for their circumstance they will do anything to prove their point or justify their situation.  OK, maybe that is strong language but why do we insist on giving God the rap for stuff that the devil does to us?  Do you know that is what Job is all…

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Splinter #1

When we want to get out the tweezers and pull out that annoying splinter we have to make sure we are in the right light or we will mess it all up.  That light is Jesus.  The light came into the world so we would no longer be in darkness.  We have the Holy Spirit…

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