A Lance to the Heart

Check out the first post: Balloons
Check out the first post: Balloons

What if writing for me is my art?  What if my outlet for creativity is words on paper?  What if my transcendent connection between spirit and form is the story that comes forth in words and phrases?  What if the door to greater presence is letting the words out as they come, unimpeded, free and without judgment or fear of how they might be perceived?  What if just letting the words out is the very thing that unlocks the potential inside?  What if?  

It is easy to make words and thoughts our enemy and of course they can be when they take us away from this present (presence) moment.  But what if, in this form, in this Lanceness, I am words that need to be expressed as the light unaltered by the prism of fear?  The word became flesh, not the word as information, but the word as eternal wisdom.  Maybe that wisdom, which is what we all are before we become form, will become the bright light, the luminous no-thingness that is the divine uniqueness that must be expressed as just what it is…and it looks like words on paper for this form that is the me in this illusory reality.

These were the types of questions that were burning in my heart when I began the journey of these posts:

What if the actual character of “God” is nothing like what our religion has revealed to us? What if God is love? What if we can’t escape God’s extremely intimate love? What if God’s love is absolutely unqualified? What if God doesn’t condemn? What if God doesn’t penalize or harm His children? What if God is indeed genuinely good? What if God loves us so much that it is impossible to offend Him?

I was indoctrinated into a Christian tradition that conveyed to me an image of an angry God. Through my own life experiences and listening to my inner voice, I have come to know a God who is love and not angry. Let me share that image of God with you (and it is ever-changing).

We are all on a spiritual journey to ascertain the genuine character of God. When we listen to our inner voice, we may be challenged by contradictions between what others suggest to us and what we perceive from our hearts. If we are authentic with ourselves, we will confront the inner struggles that arise from these discrepancies. This is why I embarked on my own spiritual expedition. I had to find inner conflict resolution and uncover the actual nature of God.

My journey will resonate with many who are looking for permission to see God differently. These posts will provide possible answers to some of your own inquiries and embolden you to tackle more issues. I know when you challenge religious traditions with provocative questions; it can be a lonely experience. Let me say that you aren’t alone and you aren’t crazy. You are actually experiencing life. Truthfully pursuing answers to the questions that bubble up from our innermost person is living a genuine life.

I write from a Christian perspective but I don’t intend any division or exclusion of any sort.  I will reference the Christian Bible and share my understanding of God established in Jesus and His life.  I believe Jesus discloses a genuine image of God and demonstrates the human purpose and expression.  So I will use many Judeo-Christian terms and use Bible passages to share my journey.  Christian or not, I believe the God presented in these posts will ring true within your innermost being.  He is that good.

A short disclaimer:  My perspectives and theology have changed quite a bit since I started this journey.  Many of the older posts will have a religious feel to them.  I was arguing from within a religious paradigm looking for “Grace” in an ocean of “law.”  Now I have stepped outside that paradigm and realize that religion, which can often promote separation from God as a fundamental truth, is the great deception of the fall.  We have never been separate from God, ever.  So when you read the older posts, you may see separation and religion in the words.  Look for the truth.  It is there.

Where I am today (August 2017) I would say my view of “God” has radically changed.  God isn’t a projection of our image.  God or consciousness or awareness or unconditional love or Father or the Christ consciousness or the Buddha nature or whatever we call the divine, is not an “it” at all.  Ultimate reality, the divine “all that there is” precedes thoughts.  Thoughts and forms and subjects and objects arise out of consciousness, the awareness that we are.  This divine nature or essence or formless existence can’t be described.  We can only point to it.  We can point to the moon and our finger isn’t the moon and the light of the moon comes from the sun even when the sun can’t be seen.

I would say this has been a pretty fantastic journey of enlightenment that has no end other than in the infinite, endless, no-thingness that is what we are and what we arise from.  “God” is having a dream and what we experience is the dream itself while our true self is the dreamer having a dream.  When “all that there is” is “all that there is” then awareness arises to know itself and it takes form in time and space to see itself as object and form to become aware of the awareness.  See?  Pointers to the great indescribable but still the truth that draws us to truth.

If you want answers to the provocative questions then read on.

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3 thoughts on “A Lance to the Heart

  1. You hit it on the head of the nail. Jesus had the nails the crown of thorns the spear in the side. I am a man of God and have had many hardships. But to wake up and see the world as Jesus saw it only wanting to do the will of the father. Not holding any bad feelings against anyone. All bad deeds forgiven and never talked about again. When I can reach that point in my walk with the lord I will be standing in front of him. I will always stride to reach that level of perfection of Jesus and never reach it.
    One perfect man in the history of the earth is the true light that I am trying to follow.
    Yea God.


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