Category: A better outlook

Moved with Compassion

Have you ever been accused of being too emotional?  Maybe someone has said “you are really passionate about xyz,” but what they are saying is “you are way too intense about xyz.”  Maybe you have felt out of place crying in public or laughing too loud in a restaurant.  Can you hear your mom telling…

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Godly Sorrow

When we fall in love with our Abba Father we are compelled by love to do stuff to please Him. This compulsion consumes us. Our desire for more and more of Him drives us into radical obedience and risk taking and an obsessive pursuit of Him. Our metric for success however may be misplaced. When…

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Eternal Optimist

There was a movie years ago called “”Explorers.”  It was a pretty cool movie about these kids who receive these amazing detailed images in their dreams.  One of the kids is a real science wiz so he determines that these images are a design for something.  He builds this device in his basement from old…

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