My story – old

So what do you say on an “about” page.  I could give you a resume, but that doesn’t seem appropriate.  I could tell you more about why the blog, but I believe it speaks for itself.  So what would a reader want to know when he or she clicks on the about link?

I think it should be something about my passion and testimony so here goes.  I’ll try to be brief.

I was born into the Church of Christ.  Well not really, that’s not the way it works but my Grandfather was a preacher for most of his life and my earthly Dad is a preacher’s kid.  Now begin the application of all stereotypes.  At 13 I got baptized.  In the Church of Christ that is a significant event.  We called it the point of salvation.  Are you getting the picture?  Religion and rebellion were very much part of my indoctrination to planet Earth.

Fast forward to 2003.  I have 3 wonderful girls, a wife and an awesome career.  I was a fighter pilot in the Navy flying F/A-18s.  I was a Navy test pilot and got to fly all kinds of aircraft.  I had an interview with NASA and just missed the cut.  Everybody thought I was amazing, brilliant, nice, good, fair, friendly, passionate, level-headed…yeah, all that stuff.  We occasionally went to church for a short time at each new duty station, but I didn’t want people to get too close.  They might learn who I really was.  I did feel an obligation to get my girls some exposure, you know so they don’t go to hell.  Ouch, hurts to talk that way now.

The problem was I really liked to drink.  Drinking was more important than most anything else.  Some would notice at a party.  Some even made a comment here or there.  I had many close calls including broken bones, fender benders, close calls in the airplane, neglect of my family (that one hurts the most).  Then on June 30, 2003 the secret came out when I got stopped for drinking and driving.  Whoa nellie did my life change in an instant.  Career done.  NASA done.  Image shattered.  Ego crushed.  Wife lost (that happened later).  You get the idea.  Not a pretty picture.  Then God showed up.

I found Jesus for the first time.  He became very real to me as I struggled to find a new identity.  I began to see His provision for my life.  I was powerfully drawn to ministry or something like that (isn’t every new believer).  In retrospect I know I was born again when I was 13.  That would explain my constant battle with guilt and condemnation.  You see, if I wasn’t born again would I really care about sinning?  Still I was missing something and had no idea what (or who) it was.

So I’m sober for about 4 years.  I am not free of alcohol at all, just sober.  Then the after shock of so many years of abusing my family kicks in.  My wife leaves after 19 years.  My daughters go with her.  I go back to what I know when the pain is too much.  Then God brought a wonderful, amazing, beautiful, loving woman into my life.  We fell in love and we got married.  I don’t know about soul mates and all that, but she is the love of my life. She rescued me from a spiral that wasn’t going to end well.  All along I was pursuing God even with the drinking.  My wife and I were very much in love with Jesus but still something was missing.

Then we found Him.  Actually He was there all along.  Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, Spirit of Christ.  We stepped into a culture of naturally supernatural.  We both began to experience and encounter the revealed love of God.  We stepped into our identity as His children.  We began to see Grace, true Biblical Grace, for the first time.  This has all happened in only the last 18 months.

Bottom line.  I’m free!!!!  So many chains, bondages, wrong teaching, wrong believing, limited God, no life, independence, self effort, dead works, striving, Ishmael’s,  Hangar’s, dual nature, Romans 7, no Spirit, no fire…the list just goes on.  But now it is so different.  I get to trust Pappa, be dependent, rely on His provision, listen to His voice, live for the first time, rest in Him, thrive in Him, glory in Him, bring Him to others and watch Him work supernaturally through me.

So my passion is to stop the lies.  Carnal wisdom has been so pervasive in the Church that many don’t have an understanding of what it means to be born again, a new creation.  We get to live the life of Jesus!  What could be more amazing.  Jesus finished it all!  If we could only believe that, so many would be set free.

Balloons were meant for air not water.


8 Responses to My story – old

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  2. Saskia Hart says:

    Whoo hoo!!! Now you get to live! A new creation! God is good.. He is so, so good! He’s better than I have ever dared to believe. I read all your posts with huge grins on my face! Thank you for sharing what God is teaching you . . .this AMAZING journey into the heart of our Saviour! Such an encouragement to me as God teaches me the same things. He is truly astonishing.


  3. Katie Bonzer says:

    I enjoyed reading your story, may I ask are you non denominational Christian or part of any church now?
    Katie Bonzer


    • Lance says:

      Katie, thanks for your comments. You have such a passion and fire for Jesus. God is definitely moving in your life. He is asking you if you would be willing to take a risk and just step over that line in the sand that you thought was a “keep out line.” I am excited for you and your family.

      The short answer to your question is I follow Jesus no matter where He takes me. Of course I realize that can be perceived as dismissive. So the longer answer is I work to pay the bills but am also one of the pastor/leaders of a small church in our small town. We call ourselves gracepoint and we aren’t a part of any denomination. We are a member of global legacy and I am “ordained” by the river organization. I don’t care much for labels but we are Holy Spirit filled revivalists who want to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth and defeat the works of the devil. We believe the superabounding power-infused Grace of God transforms us, renews us and saves us. Yay Jesus! Hope that answers any questions you have. This has been an amazing journey in a relationship with a God I had previously put in a box. When I finally gave in and gave up, stopped trying to understand everything and just put all my trust in Him everything changed. I am still learning a relationship with the Holy Spirit and expect that learning will continue forever. He stretches me and surprises me and comforts me all at the same time. Yay God! He is that good. Welcome aboard. I pray these words have power in your life. There may be chewing on a big bite every now and then but you won’t choke, promise.

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      • Katie Bonzer says:

        Thank you! Yes we are very lucky to have God as the manager of our lives. I pray that he fulfills his will for out lives every day.
        Very cool, it would be great to see some videos of your sermons on your blog. I’ll bet you preach wonderfully. God bless!


    • Lance says:

      Check out for audio under the media tab. Or search YouTube for lance floyd. Enjoy. Thanks for the encouragement.


  4. Mel Wild says:

    Awesome story, Lance. Who needs NASA when you got heavenly places, right? 🙂 It’s so wonderful to leave religion and find Jesus and a good Father who’s not mad at you or disappointed with you, but actually likes you. Changes everything.
    Look forward to reading some of your posts. Blessings.


  5. such a powerful testimony. I’m a fellow 18 driver. Transitioning out as we speak. Releasing a book you might be interested in. Hit me up if you would like to connect


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