The Journey

This site is a record of an awakening process, a roadmap of sorts that may provide insight and reassurance for other seekers.

My motivation to begin the journey was a hunger for truth and freedom from a deep-rooted existential fear. My fear came from believing there was only one way, an impossibly narrow, singular path riddled with pitfalls and slippery slopes that would bring destruction if not followed precisely. I was encouraged to be afraid and told I should put my faith in a sacred book of ancient riddles that would bring clarity and reassurance if solved. I sought the truth, remained dedicated, and put my trust in the words of the book.

But then something happened, something unexpected. Grace took center stage, and fear retreated. The fundamentalist tools of argument and debate were no longer helpful or instructive. Instead, a singular truth emerged: love always wins, and there is no fear in love. The endless enigma of riddles collapsed into the one reality of divine love. This powerful revelation triggered the unraveling of my conditioned way of thinking. My rigid concepts loosened in the dawn of awakening.

I was still searching for truth, but now the truth seemed attainable, not hidden in scripture. The only barrier to truth was my conditioned way of thinking, and it had to be questioned. No matter how fundamental, every concept was up for inquiry, even my core sense of self. What was solid and unquestionable dissolved and fell away, leaving only the awareness in which and from which all concepts arise. The idea of a ‘me’ or ‘I’ at the center was fading. I found the very essence of my true nature was and is the enlightenment I was seeking. At the root of it all is just what I call now.  As the eternal now, we are the potential from which time and space emerge. We are the nondual divine, beyond our dream world of concepts and forms. To be enlightened, to find the truth is to wake up from the dream.

A glimpse of enlightenment is only the beginning. To be our true self is to be nothing, embrace our emptiness and express divine grace as a human form. We are the paradox of emptiness in form and form in emptiness. As Christ consciousness or Buddha nature (or a myriad of other accounts), we are the miracle of life itself. Good and bad, high and low, happy and sad are all expressions of this one divine consciousness. Living is to experience our essence in all its forms.

These posts are a record of a journey, my unique story. But in reality, there is only one journey without a beginning or end. We are that journey. As you read these posts, you see moments in time. In this continuum of posts, find your moment and discover with me your true nature. Feel free to move around, agree and disagree, accept and reject. All are pointers that can serve as crucibles or revelations. If you look closely, you may see, each moment contains the whole, and the whole contains every moment. My intent is for these posts to be a guide, a source of reassurance and revelation for your unique journey.

If you have been following these posts, you will notice a distinct shift in purpose. In the past, I wanted to share revelation, intellectual insight, and new perspectives. From here forward, I want to share pointers to your essential nature. Now I want to point you to now. No mind can describe what is ineffable, but you can follow the pointers to discover your true nature. Read on and experience for yourself your journey of awakening. . 

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