It IS all about me…isn’t it?

The paradox of all paradox…

What do I see?  I am the center of my universe which is the center of THE universe which is the center of time and space.  And all of time and space is inside of me and has an infinite number of expressions. My vantage point is only one of an infinite number of vantage points but is the only one that counts because only from here is the first person singular present moment that is the unobservable, uncontainable, formless, spaciousness that is filled with the presence of the existence I sense as my eternal self.

As a child we have no issue, it is completely natural, when it comes to seeing clearly this center of the universe. The moon is my moon. The stars are mine. The milky way is mine. This planet is mine. The state I live in is my state. My town is my town with others claiming it is their town not realizing that it is my town and they are the strangers in my town. This house is mine. The yard is mine. These clothes are mine. Everything is see or experience is mine. All of it was made for and serves me because I exist. If I weren’t here there would be no use for anything at all so it’s existence apart from me isn’t real. So it is really all me. When I close my eyes, the world vanishes. When I sleep, the world sleeps. When I awake and I’m hungry the world response to my hunger. The chicken laid eggs so I might have food. The corn grows so the chicken can have food so I can have eggs. The farmer was born and has a farm so he could grow corn and provide for the chicken who laid eggs so I can eat. It is obvious to the child that this universe is just an extension of the consciousness that is at the center of this universe. The child has to be trained or conditioned to believe otherwise.

It is very obvious to the child (and the adult for that matter) that nothing out there is anything like what is in here. All other forms I see and interact with don’t have the same inside knowledge that I have. To assume they have any value or substance or importance is only as it applies to me or any collective that includes me. This is the most obvious and overlooked truth. This right here, this spaciousness that is the consciousness that I am, is all that there is. There are no stories independent from this one. There are no observations that have any meaning other than how they might contribute to my story. Any information that exists apart from my story is meaningless since it has no effect on my story. The universe does revolve around me. Why do I deny it other than I’ve been taught to deny it as selfishness?

There is only one and it is located exactly here at this location and no other. Everything that is the experience of this location is the experience of all that there is and it is all just an extension of me. It is a story that only exists because I exist… but not as an ego. Even the ego is part of my story that is an interaction with the total story to bring artificial life to a story so that I might experience a story as something other than the total story. The paradox is that the entry point to knowing what I am is through this apparently completely self-centered and selfish door of singular existence to open up into an experience of oneness that excludes no thing as anything “other”… including the other forms I call human. From this one place, this beautiful story is exactly and perfectly and singularly written and performed for and by the one “me”…with an infinite number of perspectives.

I guess it IS all about me…

Yay God!


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