Fear never motivates

In the last post I talked about “What’s your motivation?”  The truth is love motivates you.  Love is what you are.  Love made you.  We forget that truth.  We operate out of the opposite.  We operate out of fear.  Fear never motivates.

The word motivate is a form of the word motive.  The etymology (word origin) is Middle English: from Old French motif (adjective used as a noun), from late Latin motivus, from movere ‘to move.’  See it?  To move.  To motivate is to create motion.  Love creates motion.  When we are who we truly are, we are in motion with love.

As an interesting contrast, check out some of the antonyms of motive and motivation: discouragement, deterrent, hindrance, retard, press, prevent.

How often are we living in stagnation instead of motivation?  The reason is fear.  Fear comes in many forms and some of them are subtle yet so powerful.  Like motive and motivation we can learn about fear from it’s antonyms: assurance, calmness, cheer, confidence, contentment, ease, encouragement, faith, happiness, joy, trust, calm, comfort, like, liking, love, bravery, courage, fearlessness, heroism, unconcern.

I love that list.  Wow, love is on that list.  Love is the opposite of fear, well sort of.

No matter where you are on your personal journey, fear should never motivate you and by definition it cannot motivate you.  It hinders, deters, halts…it stops motion.  Fear creates nothing.  Fear destroys what love creates.  Fear should be eliminated from our lives.  Fear is never our motivation.

I was raised to fear God.  What a horrible deception that was.  God should never be feared.

In my transformation or awakening, my first steps including seeing God as love.  Love sends fear packing. At the time I saw God as a sky-God like a great Gandolf in the heavens.  Religion often teaches us that image and then adds irrational fear to the mix so we might be “motivated” by fear to stop being jerks.  On top of that, many religions teach that we aren’t capable of anything but being jerks.  We’ve taught ourselves the opposite of what is true in our fallen-human fears.  Fear hasn’t motivated.  Fear has destroyed.

This is why Jesus was so important for all of mankind.  He taught us that fearing God wasn’t our purpose.  He said loving God and each other was our purpose.  He said if we fear anything it should be the religious system that can kill and destroy the soul.  He said that we should never fear God since God knows every hair on our heads.  Jesus also told us we should never worry since God takes care of us.  So even if you are still believing in a sky-God, way out there, you should never fear “Him.”

One of Jesus’ followers, John tells us that perfect love casts out fear.  Here is a quote from one of his letters.

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love

Here is that same passage in another transliteration:

Fear cannot co-exist in this love realm. The perfect love union that we are talking about expels fear. Fear holds on to an expectation of crisis and judgment and interpret it as due punishment [a form of karma!] It echoes torment and only registers in someone who does not realize the completeness of their love union (Toit, Francois Du (2014-01-08). Mirror Bible)

When we come to believe the truth that God is on our side, then our minds open up and our innermost voice begins to expand our horizons.  We are motivated.  When we begin to “see” this new image of God, who is in many ways opposite of what religion has taught us, we can understand what Jesus meant when he told us we are one with God.  Jesus revealed that we are one with the divine.  His followers tell us that God is all in all.  God is in all things and holds all things together.  God is light and that light is the center of us.  God is love and that divine love is what keeps all this running…moving…motivated!

This divine love is like a great river and we are all in it and a part of it and in an ineffably the same substance as it.  We are the divine manifestation in this reality.  We are the divine waking up to being divine.  We are Love waking up to being Love.  We are the very motivation that keeps it all in motion.

It can be hard to see this heavenly reality.  This divine reality seems to hide from us just behind the curtain but it is there.  We are in the river and when we rest in who we are we are flowing with the river.  This river is our motion, it is our motivation, it is our reality behind the one we think is real.

We should never fear.  Even in our worst circumstance and our worst nightmare, we are in the river flowing with the divine love.  This divine love casts out fear.  This divine love reveals our true self as divine love.  The bumps and crashes and spinout moments all point us to our true self.  Our fear rises up when we don’t know who we are.  Our fear seeps up from the cracks when we don’t know who God is.  Our fear propagates when we live from our false self, the one that believes in separation.  This false self is the one that fears.  This false self is the one that creates systems and structures and religions to feed off the fear that it creates.

It is time to shed the false self and embrace who we really are as divine love.  That is our motivation.  Fear never motivates.  Love is our motivation.

Yay God!


One thought on “Fear never motivates

  1. “Love sends fear packing.”
    Amen! As Jonathan Helser’s song goes, “Faith is rising, fear is fleeing…” Yes, it’s time to jettison the False-Evidence-Appearing-Real lies we believed about ourselves and embrace love!

    Liked by 1 person

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