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In these recent posts I’ve tried re-frame the way we think about our identity (check out the LJT tab on the menu bar).  Our journey here on this Earth and in this reality is to learn who we are and in doing that we learn who God is and in doing that we find eternal life.  Yes, it is that simple but it can be hard.  We have such attachments to our Lena selves compiled from years of experience in this world.  Our Lena can be a false self in the sense that she has no roots in her Trudy or divine union.  But Lena can be a healthy identity when she is loved by Trudy and lives in concert with Trudy.  The “flesh” and the “spirit” may be opposed when Lena (the flesh) is at odds with Trudy (the spirit) but when Trudy is loving Lena and Lena lets Trudy love her, then Lena (the flesh) is getting life from Trudy (the spirit).  Let me share a few verses where I have inserted our characters and substituted a few English words for their original Greek:

Gal 5:17 For the intentions of selfish Lena can be opposed to  Trudy, and the intentions of Trudy can resist Lena, because Trudy resists selfish Lena so she doesn’t do the selfish stuff she wants to do. (LLT)

Gal 5:24 And the Lena that knows her relationship with Trudy has destroyed her selfish desires.  25 If we are living from the life of Trudy then we should let that life flow through our Lena. (LLT)

Rom 8:11 When you know that you have a Trudy in you, then that Trudy will give life to your Lena just like she did Jesus. (LLT)

I believe we have so distorted concepts like “the spirit” and “the flesh” that we just don’t know anymore what to think.  We have gnosticism and asceticism and penance and self-flagellation and self-denial and so many other dualistic ways of thinking when we are not dualistic creatures.  We are unified creatures.  We are manifestations of the divine in this reality on this Earth.  We are connected, and in some mysterious way, projections of God here and now and in this present moment.  He choses to live His life through our human persons expressing His personal.  He loves through us and we learn love in Him.  He experiences the beauty of His creation through us and we experience the beauty of Him in His creation.  We are not separate or apart from God in any way.  It would be more accurate to say that He is us in this reality.  The Bible says we are His children and we are branches on His vine.  Our Trudy is the connection point or the union point of us with Him.  Trudy is that divine wave in a divine ocean that is the essence of us.  Our Lena is learning and growing and often confused since she reacts to her environment more than she trusts in her Trudy.  Judy often interferes with the intended relationship between our Lena and our Trudy by inserting shame and guilt and condemnation.  Judy judges way too much and keeps us living a false life of separation.

I’ve recently updated the “my story” page and the “balloons” page.  I am in the editing phase of writing “alancetotheheart” the book.  It will capture some high points of this journey of discovery I’ve tried share with you on these posts.  I found the book had a life of its own since it became the story behind the posts.  So I wanted to share these updates that I included in the book and now have included on the site.  Check them out.  These are examples of Lena’s.  See if you can find the moments where Judy and Trudy play their parts.

Yay God!


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